Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff who have concerns about a student possibly being an imminent threat to themselves or others should call 911.

Faculty and staff who are concerned about a student’s mental health and/or their safety are encouraged to consult Step Up Speak Out.  Step Up Speak Out is a campus-wide partnership intended to assist the university community in making choices when responding to individuals in emotional distress, those at risk for suicide and those who may exhibit disruptive behavior. It offers campus-specific resources for each of Kent’s 8 locations and includes a “response guide” that can assist in determining how best to address a situation in relation to the severity of a threat.    

Faculty and staff who would like counseling resources sent to certain students of concern may consult with the Student Ombuds office (330) 672-9494 or the Dean of Students office (330) 672-8003.

Additionally, the Kent campus Care Team is a cross-divisional crisis management committee that collaboratively assesses and coordinates a response to student behavior identified as reasonably posing a potential threat to self, others or the University community. Referrals to the Kent campus Care Team may be made by contacting the Dean of Students at (330) 672-8003 or at ODOS@kent.edu for a unified institutional response.

Regional Campus Care Teams

Each Regional campus also has a Care Team; see below for links to this information. 

Policies which may be helpful to faculty