In the Division of Student Affairs, you can be yourself, and then become your best self. We are an anchor for your student journey, surrounding you with support that empowers you to make a connection – to people, passions and the university. Here you are encouraged to explore and experiment. You have a voice and the responsibility to take the lead so you can develop your self and your purpose and make an impact on Kent State as you prepare for your future. We intentionally develop the whole student through transformational experiences. We passionately engage our diverse student population through quality programming and resources that enhance the educational process to ensure student success. We delight in helping you become the informed, open-minded difference-makers who go on to meaningful lives.


Cultivate an intentionally designed, inclusive and engaging student experience that promotes the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual development of all students.
(Priority 1: Students First)


Enhance the academic mission of Kent State through comprehensive and collaborative practices that foster innovation and lead to nationally recognized co-curricular programs and services.
(Priority 2: Distinctive Kent State)


Advance the integration of international students into the campus community and encourage domestic students to expand their worldview by engaging in cultural activities and programs.
(Priority 3: Global Competitiveness)


Partner with local civic leaders to engage students in the community through area neighborhood activities and community service.
(Priority 4: Regional Impact)


Sustain a culture of continuous improvement including professional standards review, promoting ongoing staff development and fiscal responsibility while recruiting and retaining talented professionals.
(Priority 5: Organizational Stewardship)