About the Books

Thirteen Seconds: Confrontation At Kent State by Joe Eszterhas & Michael D. Roberts. 

This We Know: A Chronology of the Shootings at Kent State, May 1970 by Carole A. Barbato, Laura L. Davis, & Mark F. Seeman.

These are the Kent State University Common Reading Experience books for the fall of 2019.

thirteen seconds

About Thirteen Seconds:

The dramatic original account of events that shook the nation.

How did it happen that young Americans in battle helmets, gas masks, and combat boots confronted other young Americans wearing bell-bottom trousers, flowered shirts, and shoulder-length hair? What were the issues and why did the confrontation escalate so terribly? Would there be future confrontations like the one of May 4?

To answer these questions, prize-winning reporters Eszterhas and Roberts, who were on campus on May 4, spent weeks interviewing all the participants in the tragedy. They traveled to victims' homes and talked to relatives and friends; they spoke to National Guardsmen on the firing line and to students who were fired on. By putting together hundreds of first-person accounts they were able to establish for the first time what actually took place on the day of the shooting.


this we know

About This We Know:

The events that led up to and include the shootings of May 4, 1970 are part of a story that continues to be written. This We Know succinctly documents the facts that fill out the chronology of events of the four fateful days that ended with members of the Ohio National Guard wounding nine Kent State students and killing Sandra Scheuer, Jeffrey Miller, Allison Krause, and William Schroeder. This We Know gathers well-established information from recorded accounts ― from the time they happened through what has been learned since.