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About the Common Reading Experience

What is the Common Reading Experience?

Common Reading Experience begins with all first-year students reading a university-selected book over the summer prior to starting their fall semester at Kent State University.

Common Reading Experience entails a series of interactive events that span over the entire first year to welcome and connect new students to the Kent State University community. All first-year students are required to submit a common reading essay and participate in a peer-led book discussion with their First-year Experience class during KSU Kickoff.

This experience is intended as an academic component to help with your transition to Kent State University and the book is not tied to a specific class. Some but not all professors and peer leader positions adopt the book to use as a part of their course curriculum and training.

Why are first-year students required to participate?

It is our hope that the subject matter in the selected Common Reading Experience book will help our new students to:

  • share a common experience with their peers that will allow them to start making new friends
  • acclimate to the academic life of the university
  • gain an understanding of the university‚Äôs values, principles and standards
  • build and maintain relationships that foster success with peers, faculty, staff, administrators, and community members