Freshman Advisory Council

The Freshman Advisory Council is made up of a diverse group of first year students who dedicate themselves to ensure a smooth transition for all freshman at Kent State University. Please consider joining FAC if you would like to assist with the development of programs and activities for your freshman class. For more information about FAC, please contact us.

Mission Statement

To bring together a diverse group of students who can represent the freshman class to enhance the freshman experience at Kent State.


These students are most importantly charged with creating freshman specific activities and events and contributing freshman opinions to university committees and the administration. Members of the council are called upon to work with fellow freshmen within the council to accomplish specific goals in order to best represent the freshman class.


To provide communication between the First Year Personnel and the freshman class.
To maintain contact with the freshman class.
To keep the class informed of class-specific and campus wide events and information.
To bring diverse freshman perspectives to the institution.
To foster a sense of belonging to the KSU community among freshmen.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Freshman Advisory Council, an informational meeting will be held in the Kiva from 1:00PM-2:00PM on Sunday, August 30 during Welcome Weekend.