Are new students required to attend KSU Kickoff?

KSU Kickoff is required. However, you will have an opportunity to create a personalized schedule at KSU Kickoff Check-in. All students living on campus are required to attend KSU Kickoff Check-in to pick up information and supplies after moving into the Residence Halls. Commuter students will check-in on Monday, Aug. 19. All students are required to attend the events scheduled on Monday, Aug. 19. See the required events highlighted on the KSU Kickoff Schedule.

Can transfer students attend KSU Kickoff?

All transfer students are encouraged to attend both general and transfer student-specific KSU Kickoff events. Transfer students taking the First Year Experience course are required to attend the first class session and participate in the Common Reading Experience on Monday, Aug. 19. Please review the KSU Kickoff schedule for detailed information.

As a commuter, am I required to attend KSU Kickoff?

Commuter and off-campus students are required to attend KSU Kickoff. We are, however, very conscious that commuter students will need to drive to campus each time to participate in the activities, so we have blocked the required activities to make it easier for you to attend. Please see required events highlighted on the KSU Kickoff schedule. We also highly encourage and welcome you to participate in all events during KSU Kickoff.

Are adult students required to attend KSU Kickoff?

It is highly recommended that adult students attend some of the events Monday, Aug. 19 to become acquainted to their academic colleges. Those students enrolled in the Adult Student Orientation will have their first class meeting during that day as well. 

How will I know what events are required during KSU Kickoff?
Why am I required to attend KSU Kickoff?

All new students are required to attend KSU Kickoff to prepare for this new experience as a Golden Flash. It is important that you have an opportunity before the semester begins to become more familiar with campus, make new friends, and have a successful start to your KSU journey. 

Do I need to register to attend KSU Kickoff?

There is no registration for KSU Kickoff other than attending Check-in. Check-in takes place in the Ballroom on the second floor of the Kent State Student Center. Students should come check-in immediately after moving into their residence hall room.

Do I need to register to participate in specific KSU Kickoff events?

Students can choose to participate in Freshman Day of Service: Ambassadors in Action community service activity, which requires advance registration.  There is no registration for any other KSU Kickoff event. All students must attend the KSU Kickoff Check-in.

What if I cannot attend (at all, or certain events) during KSU Kickoff?

All new students are required to attend KSU Kickoff to prepare for this new experience. It is important that you have an opportunity before the semester begins to learn what is expected, how to be successful, what resources are available, where to find the available resources, and where your classes are located. Please contact the Office of Student Success Programs at 330-672-9292 if you have additional questions regarding this requirement.

I took summer classes; do I still need to attend KSU Kickoff?

All new students are required to attend KSU Kickoff to prepare for the start of fall classes. Summer classes provide a very different experience than what will occur during the fall. In the summer, we have approximately 2,000 students on campus vs. the over 20,000 that will join the campus on August 22. It is important that you have a chance to learn more about Kent State before the semester begins.

Residence Hall Information

Will there be people to help me move my things into my room?

Yes, there will be a number of volunteers on hand to assist you with moving your belongings into your room. Each year the Kent Interhall Council organizes a massive volunteer effort called Movers and Groovers that helps all students moving in during KSU Kickoff take things from their vehicles to their residence hall rooms.

When will I move into my Residence Hall room?

All new students will move on campus on Sunday, Aug. 18 between 8:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. Students will move into their assigned room based on the first letter of their last name. Residence Services will provide a move-in schedule prior to KSU Kickoff. 

Will I be able to move-in early?

Residence Services asks that all students follow the move-in schedule to ensure that all students are able to move in easily. Please contact Residence Services at 330-672-7000 if you have questions regarding the move-in schedule.

What should I bring to campus?

Visit the Residence Services Website for a recommended list of items to bring. Also remember to check with your roommate to coordinate what each of you will bring.

General FAQs

Do I need to bring anything for KSU Kickoff activities?

Yes. Remember to have the following items for KSU Kickoff:

  • Your fall semester class schedule
  • Your common reading experience book
  • Your cell phone, for easy access to our mobile apps and event surveys
What is KSU Kickoff?

KSU Kickoff is a four-day welcome to your new home and introduction to your Kent State Family. This celebration is the start of your first semester as a Golden Flash that runs from Sunday, Aug. 18 –Wednesday Aug. 21. 

What Do Students Gain

  • Assistance to further transition into the university environment as a college student
  • Critical information that can be applied just-in-time for classes to start
  • Opportunities to attend KSU Kickoff activities to meet new friends
  • Exclusive time to meet the Dean of your academic college that houses your major
  • Time to explore the Kent community
  • Pride in being a Golden Flash!
Is there a fee for KSU Kickoff?

There are no additional fees; however, a $7.00 fee will be charged to each student’s dining plan and not to the bursar account as indicated by postcard and email communication.

Will there be any staff around to answer my questions?

There will be several KSU Kickoff staff members and Welcome Crew student leaders on campus to answer any question you may have. Look for the "We Can Help" booths located in various areas on campus and the table located on the first floor of the Kent Student Center.

Someone brought me to DKS Advising and Registration, but I will be coming alone for KSU Kickoff. How do I get to campus?
Will there be campus transportation available during KSU Kickoff?

PARTA will provide limited service during KSU Kickoff. View bus schedules and additional information on the PARTA Web site.

Where will I park during KSU Kickoff?

Residence hall students with Kent State University parking permits - including those with Stadium permits - are required to move their vehicle to their assigned parking area by the end of move-in day. All parking regulations will be in effect immediately following move-in.

Commuter students with Summit East, Allerton Sports Complex, Morning/Weekend, and Evening/Weekend permits may park in any "C" commuter lot on campus during KSU Kickoff.

If you have any additional questions please contact Parking Services at 330-672-4432.

Will offices be open during KSU Kickoff?

Yes. Most offices will be open during normal business hours: Monday- Friday, 8am-5pm.

Common Reading Experience

Is the Common Reading homework required?

Yes. Students should turn in their essays electronically before the start of KSU Kickoff. All essays will be automatically submitted into an essay contest. 

Where do I get information about the Common Reading Experience?