What will the projects be that members of PLA would work on?

The projects for the Provost’s Leadership Academy members will be determined by their individual teams. The members are broken up into teams and will work together to identify projects for the group to develop to improve the University for them and their fellow students. They will then be charged with researching those areas more in depth and coming up with project proposals to present to the Provost (Chief Academic Officer of the University). The Provost and other University administrators will give the teams feedback on their proposals that may be useful in helping them to determine their final projects. The final decision of which project to pursue rests solely with the members of the academy. Some projects that the members of PLA have considered in the past are:

  • PARTA campus loop GPS tracker/smart phone application
  • Fitness trail on campus
  • Recycling/donating excess food from cafeterias on campus
  • Adding convenience items to campus markets
  • Adding Flash Cash options to Dining Plans
  • Event Board/Marquee on outside of campus to announce events