What Students Experience with Success Coaching

Students complete an online profile form and a prep-assignment prior to the first coaching meeting.

Students meet one-one-one with their success coach.

Coaching methods that will be used during coaching are reviewed with the student.

Students review, discuss and sign the coaching agreement.

Students are asked to share general information about oneself this begins establishing the coaching relationship.

The completed online forms that include student goals are reviewed and guide the coaching session.

Students reflect and talk a great deal about themselves that leads to action plan development.

Students meet one-on-one with their Peer Success Specialist (PSS).

More About the Student Experience

Students and their coach co-design an action plan with specific steps and completion dates.

Action plans integrate SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-table) and accountability.

Students schedule their next coaching session before departing.

Each Success Coaching meeting is scheduled for one-hour.

Students schedule minimally four coaching meetings with their Success Coach and two with their PSS.







Success Coaching Model

Success Coaching is about the individual student and provides an opportunity for students to make self-discoveries, and to focus on new possibilities and options for forward movement toward goal achievement.




Success Coaching is forward movement. Student focus is on moving toward his/her established goals while maintaining school and life balance.

The Success Coaching Model places emphasis on the student being solely and directly responsible for his/her success and goal achievement.

Stage Description
Desired Student Goal
The coaching process begins with focus on the desired goal(s) of the student.
II Self-Discovery Movement is forward toward goal(s) through student focusing on factors that influence his/her thinking and decision-making. Ontological coaching models (OAR, BEL, and Historical Discourse) are used, along with assessment tools (MBTI, Holland Code, True Colors) that may be utilized to illustrate natural thinking and decision-making patterns.
An outline that identifies specific goals to accomplish that are established by the student.
A step-by-step plan to move student toward achieving each goal established by the student.
Action-Plan Assessment
A review of the Action Plan to determine progress or to make Action Plan adjustments to achieve success.
Goal Achievement
Student celebrations!!! Student has successfully reached goal achievement.