Peer Success Specialist (PSS)

Peer Success Specialists (PSS) serve in a valuable leadership role providing peer-to-peer support to students during one-on-one meetings focused on the vision and goals of their assigned students. Peer Success Specialists are outstanding upper class students who have demonstrated student success as a Kent State student and who are eager to share their success tips with our students engaged in Success Coaching.

Based on personal experience, acquired knowledge, and individual successes our Peer Success Specialists provide information, resources, suggestions and direction that can assist students with achieving student goals. PSS provide information related to a variety of student development topics pertaining to majors, leadership development, internship planning, career planning information, and overall student success.

PSS maintain meeting logs reflecting student meeting outcomes, progress and celebrated successes! PSS attend an orientation and complete training focused on practices, readings and scenario role plays to further develop student support skills resulting in effective and confident leadership in the role as a Peer Success Specialist.

Our Peer Success Specialists inspire and motivate our students engaged in Success Coaching!