Project Description

The Summit Street Improvement Project will make significant improvements to a 1-mile stretch of roadway between Loop Road and Lincoln Street.

The specific improvements include:

  • New/extended turn lanes and traffic control systems at Lincoln Street, Morris and Loop Road intersections.
  • Elimination of one intersection at Risman Plaza.
  • Construction of a roundabout at the entrance to Risman Plaza and the Kent Student Center parking lot. 
  • Construction of a new roundabout at Ted Boyd Drive (will replace the existing intersection).
  • Creation of a boulevard from Morris Road to East Campus Center Drive to improve the flow of traffic and make pedestrian crossings safer.
  • Addition of a left turn lane from Summit Street to Terrace Drive, which will eliminate the need for “no left turn” signs at that intersection.
  • Relocation of Campus Center Drive to align with the Student Green.
  • Addition of bike lanes on Summit Street throughout the entire length of the project.
  • A protected pedestrian actuated crossing system for the roundabout located at the intersection of Campus Center West, Summit Street and the entrance to Risman Plaza.
  • Addition of three mid-block pedestrian crossings where there is significant pedestrian traffic: Schwartz Center, Student Green and the Presbyterian Church.
  • New bus stops along the corridor, with shelters and lighting.
  • New lighting for the street and sidewalk areas.
  • Water quality improvements that will treat over 50 acres of watershed area before discharging into the storm sewer system.