Distinguished AMCLI Graduates

Dr. Andrew Konya – Co-Founder and CEO – Remesh

Andrew Koyna, '10 – Co-Founder and CEO – Remesh

Andrew is a physicist by training and started a Ph.D. program at the AMLCI’s graduate program at Kent State University with a focus on theoretical modeling and supercomputing. Through his research, Andrew became interested in artificial intelligence and has spent the past many years applying AI and machine learning algorithms to a wide range of problems from material science and biosensing to peacekeeping with the United Nations. In 2014, he co-founded Remesh with the goal of using AI to orchestrate market research.
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Dr. Anshul Sharma – MRS Silver Award Winner

Dr. Anshul Sharma, '08, '15 – MRS Silver Award Winner

Anshul started as a chemistry student in Canada and relocated to the Kent State AMLCI in 2012. In 2015, Anshul received one of the prestigious Graduate Student Silver Awards from the Materials Research Society (MRS) – “intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high order of excellence and distinction.” She was recognized for her pioneering work on visualizing nanomaterial chirality using nematic liquid crystals. Anshul is now a research scientist at the University of Luxembourg. As a materials chemist, she is currently working in a biophysics lab studying flow dynamics of lyotropic liquid crystals.




Dr. Mitya Reznikov

Dr. Mitya Reznikov, '08 – R&D Engineer at Verily Life Sciences 

After obtaining his Ph.D. at Kent State University and doing postdoctoral work at the AMLCI, Mitya worked at zSpace as a display engineer and now works as an R&D Engineer for Verily Life Sciences, a research organization devoted to the study of life sciences, that is currently developing and deploying tests for COVID-19.

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