At Kent State, we have a laser focus on ensuring that students have the education, experiences and support they need to graduate and to live successful, meaningful lives. Our deep and unwavering commitment to Students First has guided the development of strategies and a culture that welcomes all students with open arms and pushes them to become more than they ever imagined.

Raising funds to align with scholarship needs is our first priority at Kent State, and ensures that we support our students from the day they receive their letter of acceptance to the day they receive their degree.

  • Ensuring ACCESS

    Ensuring ACCESS

    Ensuring access to a Kent State education for students regardless of their financial situation.

  • Rewarding ACHIEVEMENT

    Rewarding ACHIEVEMENT

    Rewarding the highest achieving students with scholarship support.

  • Enhancing EXPERIENCES

    Enhancing EXPERIENCES

    Providing high-impact experiences and study away opportunities to elevate career readiness.

  • Fostering COMPLETION

    Fostering COMPLETION

    Fostering and supporting students in their pursuit of degree completion.

We want to ensure that financial barriers do not deter students from achieving their dreams. This includes financial assistance as well as a solid support system that addresses other challenges in their journey, such as individualized plans for success for each student as well as peer and faculty champions to help them navigate college. We also help students expand their understanding of opportunities available to them during college and after graduation.