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Game Day Challenge: Football Stadium Waste Reduction Competition

Game Day Challenge a national competition between other colleges and universities to promote waste reduction at football games. Schools track and report waste and recycling data that is used to rank the schools.

Call for Volunteers at Kent State University Game Day Challenge!
Do you like football? Are you committed to reducing landfill waste? The Kent State University Office of Sustainability is RECRUITING volunteers to collect recyclables. Help out the planet while rooting on the Golden Flashes at GAME DAY CHALLENGE!  Can we have the highest recycling rate compared to ANY other college or university in game day challenge? We need your help!

Shift 1 Tailgating* Shift time: 2 hours; 11:30am to 1:30pm. See meeting location for shift 1 below.
Volunteers will be patrolling the area around 20 recycling bins in the tailgating area. Duties include: encouraging tailgating fans to recycle, handing out blue bags to fans, and collecting recyclables in blue bags.

Shift 2  In Stadium During the Game* Shift time: 2 hours; 12:30pm to 2:30pm. See meeting location for shift 2 below.
Volunteers will be stationed at trash/recycle bins near concessions, front gates, and throughout the stadium. Duties include: collecting recyclables, helping fans understand what they can recycle near the bins, and encouraging fans to recycle. 

Shift 3 In Stadium During and After the Game* Shift time 2 hours; 3:00pm to 5:00pm. See meeting location for shift 3 below.
Volunteers will be collecting recyclables and throughout the stadium and seating area after the game. Duties include: collecting recyclables from the seating area after the game.

Game time is 1:00pm for October 24. 

If you're interested in volunteering please fill out the volunteer form below. Volunteers will be emailed on Tuesday October, 20 reminders about start time, meeting locations, and free volunteer parking.

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