Plastics #1-#7 | Sustainability | Kent State University

Plastics #1-#7

Plastic containers and bottles labeled with a recycling #1 through #7 symbol, including bottles, food containers (with minimal food waste), to-go cup lids, shampoo bottles, laundry detergent bottles should be placed in any recycling bin on campus. Look for the chasing arrows and a number to see if an item is a #1-#7 plastic that can be recycled. 

Plastic bags and styrofoam should be placed in the trash.

Kent State University is a single stream campus, where all recyclables can be placed in the same recycling bin. Recycling is hauled to a Materials Recovery Facility where recyclables are sorted based on type, baled and then sold. Everyone’s actions minimizing waste, reusing, and recycling at Kent State University diverts nearly a million pounds of waste from landfills every year.