The Recruiting implementation team has successfully enhanced our ability to recruit students by improving efficiency. The team also engaged the Office of Global Education to update forms and load data, allowing Global Education to begin using Salesforce to set up international events and track registrations. 

Imagine that you previously attended another institution, but have decided that you want to transfer to Kent State. How do you register for your Kent classes and learn more about the University? You attend a Transfer Kent State (TKS) event!

In February, Advancement launched a series of email communications in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. During the implementation of Marketing Cloud, Advancement and Information Services worked with Salesforce to develop a communication send calendar and an IP Warming Strategy. 

Additionally, the implementation team worked together to complete the following deliverables:

After two half-day Org Strategy sessions that included 30 participants from 17 departments, it was decided that Recruiting populations should live in their own Salesforce Org (SF1). Separating Recruiting means that Admitted, Current, and Future student populations would then live together in a separate student-centric Salesforce Org (SF2).

Our Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) Discovery project wrapped up in March. This discovery included understanding the new HEDA objects (like Courses, Course Offerings, and Course Connections) and how they should be used, the changed approach in using the Account object, and understanding how we will use Affiliations and Relationships.

Recruiting - Phase III Update


  • Created New Banner Application Object fields to support data from the Banner Application Load changes
  • Updated Banner Application Load to include a number of new fields for the regional campuses and the TKS implementation\
  • Completed development, testing, and deployment of the:
    • Housing data files
    • Stark – ACT Purchase List
    • OGE Legacy loads
  • Added self-reported Athletics indicator field on RLC object and forms

The Salesforce Center of Excellence initiative is intended to optimize our Salesforce environment by identifying standard process and aligning our efforts with best practices.

Participants in this effort recognize the need to:

  • Establish and continually improve our processes

  • Advance our skills and training approach

  • Align the business and IT


Salesforce's Spring 2018 release is now live in sandbox environments! In Salesforce Spring 2018, users will now see new email sync functionality with Lightning for Outlook, AI capabilities with Einstein Analytics, and the ability to send customized Marketing Cloud campaigns from Community actions. In Lightning, users also have the ability to see customized themes, manage their own navigation bar tabs, use Territory Management, and utilize call monitoring through Lightning Dialer.

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