The new Events Calendar is customizable and users are able to filter events by category, department, audience and FlashPerks events. They are also able to search for events right from the calendar page. In the past, upwards of 1,000 events were all located in multiple places and calendars. Besides being integrated into the one university calendar, the FLASHperks tile is now live on the Student Dashboard in FlashLine and students can view their current points at any given time.

Marketing Cloud - Flashperks infographicThe FLASHperks Office went live with Marketing Cloud to communicate with Students about FLASHperks activities. The Marketing Cloud FLASHperks implementation included:

Kent State University’s Center for Student Involvement recently received the Best Poster Award from the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange for its poster on student retention through the FLASHperks program.

The winning poster, designed by senior visual communications design major Nicholas Blanchard through the center’s Signum Design, details how the FLASHperks program works and how the program benefits Kent State students.