Marketing Cloud

In February, Advancement launched a series of email communications in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. During the implementation of Marketing Cloud, Advancement and Information Services worked with Salesforce to develop a communication send calendar and an IP Warming Strategy. 

Additionally, the implementation team worked together to complete the following deliverables:

Residence Services went live with Marketing Cloud this fall semester to send important update emails to all students living on campus. These emails were previously sent from decade-old email software which was locally hosted on one staff member’s computer, and only accessible by that staff member. This older software really limited the options regarding what could be sent to students.

Marketing Cloud - Flashperks infographicThe FLASHperks Office went live with Marketing Cloud to communicate with Students about FLASHperks activities. The Marketing Cloud FLASHperks implementation included:

With a focus on fully understanding the capabilities of our new email marketing tool and a priority on learning each business unit’s use cases, the IS Marketing Cloud team conducted an in-depth series of discovery sessions throughout the Summer of 2016. During these sessions, we discussed user security requirements, future communication plans, and automation needs, among other details, that helped IS to determine the most effective structure for our Marketing Cloud environment.

The Advancement team kicked off their CRM Journey into Marketing Cloud on Monday August 7, 2017 by participating in an all day discovery session with Information Services and our partners at Salesforce. This project will evaluate data needs, org setup/configuration, segmentation requirements, and communication methods for campaigns initiated by our Advancement team. Giving Tuesday is the target event for go-live, which features communication campaigns that begin in October.