Four master’s and doctoral students are working on research projects with leading local organizations via the Ohio Means Internships & Co-ops Program.  Lauren Birmingham, MA ’10, BBA ’09, BA ‘09, is one of those students, working with Summa Health System to examine the incidence of emergency department (ED) visits to identify frequent users and learn how to best serve them.

Thanks to a new grant program from the Ohio Board of Regents, the college is creating a graduate student co-op program with local organizations in need of health research assistance.  Partners will utilize master’s or doctoral students for 20 hours weekly for a period of at least one year, while students continue their academic programs.  The Ohio Means Internships & Co-op

The Division of Research and Sponsored Programs would like to congratulate the recipients of the inaugural Internal Post-doctoral Seed Program.  In this initial round, 12 proposals were selected which resulted in awards for the support of 14 post-doctoral associates for one year.  In addition, each of these awards was augmented by the investigators' departments and/or colleges to provide a total of two years of post-doctoral support.  Proposals were submitted by both individual research investigators and groups of investigators.