November 2017

Residence Services went live with Marketing Cloud this fall semester to send important update emails to all students living on campus. These emails were previously sent from decade-old email software which was locally hosted on one staff member’s computer, and only accessible by that staff member. This older software really limited the options regarding what could be sent to students.

The Kent Campus Undergraduate Admissions Office has begun generating freshman admission letters out of the Salesforce CRM for the summer/fall 2018 semesters. The process is completed utilizing the Conga Mail Merge functionality. The final result is an attractive letter with many points of personalization and a keepsake admissions certificate. Honors College invitation letters are also generated through this process.

Process Evaluation and Improvement department facilitated an Org Strategy Workshop with the core stakeholders of the Salesforce CRM to evaluate the University’s org structure. Currently the University has two Salesforce orgs: One org is used for non-student populations and Advancement currently has a crowdfunding project in development in this org. The other org is currently being used by Recruiting, the University Calendar, and FLASHperks.

Provides address verification functionality by correcting spelling and formatting errors on the fly, prompting users for missing address details, and appending ZIP + 4® information. The real-time verification tool uses USPS address data and even works with minimal information to recommend correct addresses in real time. The address cleansing software can also run on an as-needed basis, correcting bad contact information in batches without altering your existing processes.

Recruiting - Phase II Update


  • Completed sprint 3
  • Created first set of Admissions Letters out of Salesforce
  • Automated ACT/SAF and other Vendor file loads
  • Loaded the following Vendor files:
    • Naviance
    • Raise Me
    • You Visit
    • Fire Engine Red
  • Created RLC Inactive stage


  • Add student types for all campuses
  • Improve the duplicate resolution process
  • Automate Duplicate Check index creation

The Core Security Team was recently formed and met for the first time in September. This team includes representation from CRM leadership, data stewards, and the IS CRM Security Team. The intent of this group is to work together on solidifying CRM security processes and procedures. The team is regrouping following the Org Strategy Workshop and will expand to include representation from all of the University’s Salesforce orgs.