Task Force Charge

The Strategic Engagement Task Force (SET) will facilitate, identify needs and develop recommendations on assessment and strategic planning while serving as an advisory group to the vice president for student affairs and senior leadership. The taskforce will be responsible for guiding the development and integration of co-curricular student learning outcomes assessment into a university-wide assessment and evaluation system that is effectively linked with planning and budgeting processes. Moreover, the taskforce aims to facilitate professional development and provide support to individual departments in their assessment and strategic planning efforts. Comprised of representatives from throughout the division, SET will lead the advancement and execution of a systematic, continuous, and sustainable division-wide continuous improvement plan.

In fulfilling the charge, the Student Affairs Strategic Engagement Taskforce (SET) will do the following:

  • Identify and communicate best practices regarding assessment of student engagement
  • Establish a standard and consistent assessment process across the division
  • Facilitate the development of student learning outcomes for co-curricular programs and services
  • Use data to maximize and demonstrate our contribution to student learning, engagement, and success (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Ensure that division units are engaged in required program review or accreditation processes (Program Review/Accreditation)
  • Ensure that division staff have the knowledge, skills, and support for assessment and strategic planning efforts (Professional Development)
  • Identify areas where the division and its departments and units can change or improve
  • Showcase division and department strengths




The Taskforce is led by co-chairs who champion continuous improvement. The Office of the Vice President’s representative is a permanent co-chair. In addition, a co-chair will be selected annually by the Vice President to serve. The co-chairs convene and facilitate meetings of the Taskforce.

Task Force Membership

The division’s task force is comprised of individuals who have an interest in the assessment of student engagement, co-curricular learning, strategic planning and transformative student success. Membership is reaffirmed each fall semester. Members will participate in SET meetings and perform work outlined in the charge section of this document. Members may perform this work in subcommittees or other ad hoc groupings between meetings as determined by the Taskforce membership.


Cesquinn M. Curtis // Co-chair, Executive Director, Administration
Greg Bailey // Senior Assistant Director, Recreational Services
Nikki Dech // Trade Book Manager
Dr. Timeka Rashid // Associate Dean of Students
Joshua Rider // Director, Center for Adults and Veterans Services
Chris Tankersley // Associate Director, Residence Services
Shannon Cowling // Assistant Director, Student Accessibility Services
Julie Volcheck // Director, University Health Services
Stephanie Meyer // Assistant Director, Residence Services


Dr. Yi-Chin Sarah Wu // Associate Director of Assessment, Accreditation, Assessment and Learning
Kjera Seregi // Institutional Research Information Officer, Institutional Research