City Tax Return Preparation

You must file a city tax return in the city that you reside in not where you work. If you live in a township, for example Rootstown or Brimfield, you are not required to file a return. If you live in Kent, you will need to file with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA). If you live in a city other than Kent, you can look up the city online to see what form to use. In many cases students work in Kent and live in Kent. In most cases, the tax taken out of your paycheck from Kent State University will cover your tax liability. Rarely will you receive a city tax refund.

RITA FORM 37 (Residents of Kent and certain other cities)

You have several options for completing the required city return.

  1. Complete the top section ONLY of Form 37, enclose signed return and a copy of W-2(s). You do not need to complete any other sections or schedules. RITA will determine if you owe any additional tax. RITA will send you a bill only if you owe additional tax.
  2. Automatic Calculated individual RITA income tax
  3. E-file

If you do not E-file, sign, date, attach your W-2's and mail your RITA return to:

Regional Income Tax Agency
PO Box 94801
Cleveland OH 44101-4801

Please consult for more information.