non us citizen residency Information

Foreign individuals, including international students, are considered either a nonresident alien or a resident alien for tax filing purposes. Your residency status depends upon the amount of time spent in the United States and your visa status. You may use Glacier and/or the tax status chart to help you determine your residency. 

Students on F or J VISA’s are automatically considered a nonresident alien for five calendar years in the United States.  Any calendar year with one day of presence in the United States is considered one of the five calendar years. 

Students with more than five calendar years of presence or individuals who are not an F or J visa need to use the Substantial Presence Test in order to determine tax residency. Glacier will help you determine your residency.  You may also use Tax Status Chart 1 and Tax Status Chart 2 to determine your residency.  If you are a resident alien, you may use or look at other free filing options provided through the IRS VITA program

Nonresident Alien Information

The Office of Global education provides free access to GLACIER tax prep to Kent State students and employees to facilitate the filing of your tax return.   Please consult the International Student Tax Guide

All non-resident alien students will need to file a federal tax return, whether or not they are employed.

Some working students will file an Ohio income tax return. Non-working students will not file an Ohio income tax return. 

Most working students are required to file a tax return to the city in which they live. Students who live in Kent will file a return with the Regional Income tax agency ("RITA"). Non working students will not file with RITA.

Glacier Tax Prep Access

International Student and Scholar Services will send information in its ISSS Weekly Update on accessing Glacier Tax Prep. Please continue to read your ISSS Weekly Update; if you are not receiving these updates every Wednesday, please email and ask to be added.  --

You may also click the help link in Glacier Tax Preparation (GTP) and submit a support ticket for tax preparation assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: The International Student Advisors, the payroll department, and the tax manager cannot answer individual tax questions. 

Federal Income Tax Preparation-Non Resident Alien

Follow these simple steps to complete your U.S. tax return in an easy and efficient way! Kent State has licensed GLACIER Tax Prep ("GTP") for you to use in preparing your U.S. income tax return. We also use GLACIER Online Tax Compliance Software, in which you have previously completed an Individual Record. You will be able to access GTP by going through GLACIER. To do so, you will simply access GLACIER using your existing UserID and Password and GLACIER will transfer certain data directly into GTP - making your tax return preparation even easier!

What Documents and Information Will You Need BEFORE You Login?

Some of the information you will need for GTP was previously entered in GLACIER and will be transferred over to GTP.

You will need the following information in order to complete your tax return:

  • W-2 Form (bring mailed copy or print four copies from flashline)
  • 1042-S Form (if applicable)
  • 1099-INT (if applicable)
  • VISA & Passport
  • Social Security Card or ITIN Number
  • Checking or Savings Account information (account number & 9-digit routing number)
  • List of days in the United States since you first arrived here
  • Copy of prior year tax return, if applicable

Preparing your return

Please consult the tax guide for international students.

How Can You Get Help?

If you have problems logging into GLACIER, click on "Forgot Login".

If you need assistance with GTP or how to prepare your return, click on Help at the top of any screen; More Info will provide specific information relating to the topic on that page. You may also contact the GTP Support Center at; all support questions are handled via email.

State Tax Return Preparation


You do not need an Ohio tax return if you did not work in 2015.

Not everyone who worked will need to file an Ohio tax return.

Please consult for further guidance on the Ohio return.


If you worked in another state during 2015, visit the websites of that state to find the form and instructions.

City Tax Return Preparation

You must file a city tax return in the city that you reside in not where you work. If you live in a township, for example Rootstown or Brimfield, you are not required to file a return. If you live in Kent, you will need to file with the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA). If you live in a city other than Kent, you can look up the city online to see what form to use. In many cases students work in Kent and live in Kent. In most cases, the tax taken out of your paycheck from Kent State University will cover your tax liability. Rarely will you receive a city tax refund.

RITA FORM 37 (Residents of Kent and certain other cities)

You have several options for completing the required city return.

  1. Complete the top section ONLY of Form 37, enclose signed return and a copy of W-2(s). You do not need to complete any other sections or schedules. RITA will determine if you owe any additional tax. RITA will send you a bill only if you owe additional tax.
  2. Automatic Calculated individual RITA income tax
  3. E-file

If you do not E-file, sign, date, attach your W-2's and mail your RITA return to:

Regional Income Tax Agency
PO Box 94801
Cleveland OH 44101-4801

Please consult for more information.