Flames, Smoke and Fire: TeleProductions introduces the football team in a heroic way

TeleProductions helped the Golden Flashes get the 2013 season under way by producing the new kickoff video for the football team.

Football Entrance Video“Each season, the videos we create for the sports teams get better and better; I think it’s another mission accomplished for TeleProductions,” said Jim Hurguy, graphic designer at TeleProductions.

The Kent State University football team launched into the season with a new motto: “Feed the Fire.” Hurguy alongside Alex Kurr – the student designer who led the design – and fellow student designer Brian Recktenwald, worked together to create a vision to bring the new slogan to life. 

Through fire, sparks and epic music – the TeleProductions team created a fiery, heroic atmosphere at Dix Stadium.

“The dramatic music, the highlights and the effects come together to provide a key transition for fans to get into game time mode,” said Aaron Chimenti, the assistant director of athletic communications for football and wrestling.

In the video, Roosevelt Nix, senior defensive lineman, slowly pulls on his jersey and gears up for game time. The video features the senior players lined up with glowing hearts as some of the best plays from last season are highlighted.

Kurr said that "they get a fire inside them, burning to compete,” when the team members pull on the Kent State football uniform.

The one-minute video, which Kurr deems his best, took about a month to create and required a lot of collaboration. Hurguy explained they worked closely with Chimenti to arrange the shoot on Dix Stadium and to allow time for the players to appear in-studio. Producer/Director Tracy Baughman with student videographers Conner Childers, Mike Donelan and Anthony Garcia also helped on the field shoot.

“It’s a good feeling to know I’ve got such good student employees that can contribute their talents to our video productions,” Hurguy said. “I’m confident that they’re going to put in the work and the extra effort; this video proves that. We enjoy being a part of game days through our videoboard work. We hope it helps get the crowd and team pumped for game time."

Watch the 2013 football entrance video

POSTED: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 11:20am
UPDATED: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 12:00pm
Brandon Koziol