TeleProductions’ Staff, Satellite Truck Returning to Super Bowl to Support Live Broadcast for Latin American Television

TeleProductions sent a crew of five to Super Bowl XLVII in February 2013 to run the satellite/uplink truck for the BBC Sport TV broadcast. For a second time, it will send a crew to this year’s Super Bowl to support a live broadcast of the game.Student Crew to Travel With Kent State TeleProductions’ Team to Assist With Production

Being able to tell future employers that you have helped produce the Super Bowl is a big honor. Being able to tell them you did that as a student will blow them away.

Kent State University TeleProductions’ staff members Jeff Bentley, Jason Forbes and Dan Tonelli; Dan LeBeau, an alumnus of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication; and students Mike Donelan and Chris Neiman will travel to East Rutherford, N.J., with the department’s satellite uplink and production truck for Super Bowl XLVIII to provide production and satellite capabilities for FOX Mexico live broadcast of the game.  

In 2013, TeleProductions partnered with PMTV, a global provider of broadcast and video production services, to offer its clients highly customized broadcast, corporate TV and entertainment needs. After a rigorous negotiation process to make sure its truck and production team met all of the technical and professional requirements, Kent State TeleProductions began working with PMTV and its clients to fulfill live broadcast needs.

“Being invited to work at the Super Bowl for a second year in a row is a significant achievement,” says Mark Bussey, director of technology and TeleProductions at Kent State. “It is a clear indication of TeleProductions’ success last year and the trust they have placed in us.”

This production provides experiential learning opportunities for the students attending. Most professionals in this industry do not get to attend the Super Bowl, but Kent State takes its students to experience production firsthand.

LeBeau will travel with the group to attend the Super Bowl for the second time. He will supervise audio and camera set-up, as well as equipment observation during the game.

“TeleProductions’ involvement with the Super Bowl is a testimony to its reputation, high level of professionalism and technical capability,” Bussey says. “I’m very proud of my team and the talented students who accompany them.”

Follow TeleProductions' journey to the Super Bowl and its time broadcasting the live show on the TeleProduction's Facebook page or on Twitter @TeleProductions #KSUSuperBowl beginning Jan. 30.

POSTED: Monday, January 27, 2014 - 8:10am
UPDATED: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 9:08am