TeleProductions Adds Two More to Its Telly Award Collection

Is it an Oscar? Is it an Emmy? It’s a Telly Award. TeleProductions brings in two more to add to its collection during the 34th annual Telly Awards.

Telly Awards“These awards are a great reflection on our work and our capabilities here at TeleProductions,” said Tracy Baughman, coordinating producer of the Kent State Sports Network.

The production company received a Bronze Telly for its Kent State football entrance video, and the prestigious Silver Telly for its men’s basketball entrance video – which fewer than 10 percent of entries receive.

“There are many different organizations – production houses, networks and Hollywood-types – that earn Silver Telly awards, so it’s great to be included in that company,” said Jim Hurguy, graphic designer at TeleProductions.

A panel of more than 500 industry professionals from across the United States came together to judge each video. With these awards, TeleProductions is now in the ranks with past winners like Time Warner Cable and ABC Family Digital Media.

“We produce videos that are just as high quality as any other professional production company out there,” Hurguy said.

Hurguy worked closely two student designers Brian Recktenwald and Alex Kurr to produce both videos. Baughman was also on board to produce the videos.

The four worked closely with the University Communication and Marketing department, the coaches, and the individual players to create something that would pump up both the team and fans for game time. 

“The videos are a very important part of the game-day experience for fans,” Baughman said. “The athletics department wants their fans to be entertained and also show that we have a top-notch team.”

Taking home the bronze, the football entrance video features an Epic soundtrack that’s mixed to the beat of player snapshots and highlight footage. Flying sparks and animated graphics captivate the eye throughout the video.

The silver-winning entrance video gives a glimpse inside an industrial, factory-type setting, where the Kent State basketball team builds its championships. Lava, flames and sound effects come together to introduce the team.

“We were doing things we’ve never done before,” Baughman said. “A lot of 3D effects, motion graphics and coordination of all the people we needed to satisfy.”

After weeks of hard work, the treat of an award is nice. But to TeleProductions, the clients are more important.

“It’s nice that we receive awards. But ultimately, we’re in the business of pleasing our clients – and our clients were very happy. That’s the biggest reward we can get,” Baughman concluded.

Watch the Kent State Men’s Basketball Intro Video
Watch the Kent State Football Entrance Video

POSTED: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 10:10am
UPDATED: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 10:12am
Brandon Koziol