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Sample Videos

  • Promotional

    The Kent State University UXD Program
    "The Kent State UXD Program" video uses interactive, eye-catching graphics to show and promote what the Kent State University User Design Experience program is all about. (Silver Telly Recipient)
  • Sports

    Kent State University Men's Basketball Entrance Video 2012
    Featuring flames and a factory-like look, the Kent State Men's Basketball Entrance video shows off how the men's team is building their championship status, one victory at a time. (Silver Telly Recipient)
  • Kent State University Gymnastics Entrance Video
    TeleProductions gives Kent State's own gymnastics team a comic-book look to introduce them in a creative and exciting way. (Gold Communicator Award Recipient)
  • Graphics

    Blooming Thoughts
    Through beautifully constructed graphics, TeleProductions brings a poem written by a third grade class to life for the Wick Poetry Center. (Silver Communicator Award Recipient)