Satellite Uplink/Production Truck

Kent State University TeleProductions' high-definition satellite uplink/production truck can provide satellite uplink and downlink transmissions as well as live remote broadcast productions. This cutting edge technology makes the university's production capability better than ever.  

The truck includes five Grass Valley DMC-1000 Infinity HD cameras with OCP400 controls, three 17X Fujinon lenses with extender, two 22X Fujinon lenses with extender and more. The uplink is dual path digital Ku-band capable, and both are now HD. It will be used for on-campus events and activities such as Commencement Ceremonies, May 4th Commemoration, and the annual fashion show. 

The truck is available for hire for a variety of uplink and production projects. Its small design delivers powerful technology in a portable package, making it perfect for any project around the country. Production students at Kent State can get a unique hands-on experience while working with this new technology.

The satellite uplink/production truck highlights Kent State University TeleProductions' 50-plus years of outstanding service and dedication to clients. For more information about hiring the truck for your project, please contact us at