Scholarships and Awards Given at Annual Alpha Psi Omega Banquet

The School of Theatre and Dance celebrated the culmination of the 2016-2017 academic year on Saturday, May 6 with the School's annual banquet, planned and sponsored by Alpha Psi Omega. 

During the evening's event, the School of Theatre and Dance announced that the following students had received scholarships and awards: 

School Scholarships and awards

School of Theatre and Dance Academic Achievement Award
Theatre: Katelyn Cassidy, Talia Cosentino
Dance: Ashley Buersmeyer

School of Theatre and Dance Scholarship
Theatre: Liz Woodard
Dance: Morgan Walker

LeRoy Cowperthwaite Scholarship 
Freshman: Hallie Walker
Sophomore: Patrick Johnson, Grace Hunt
Junior: Rebecca Rand, Aveena Sawyer
Dance: Austin Coats

Michael W. Mould Memorial Scholarship
Recipients: Jonathon Frost, Liz Woodard

Walt France Memorial Scholarship
Recipients: Heather Sinclair, Patrick Ulrich, Morgan Major-Pfendler

Samuel Stillings Memorial Scholarships in Theatre and Dance
Theatre: Brittney Harrell
Dance: Laura Wester

Lucy E. Stillings Scholarships in Theatre and Dance
Theatre: Sophia Phillips
Dance: Halle Spero

Vincent Lighting Scholarship
Recipent: Wyatt Hayes

Rubenstahl Technical Theatre Award
Recipient: Maurice Epps

Eugene Jackson Scholarship
Recipient: Jess Tanner

Harry Wright Award in Theatre and Dance
Theatre: Abbey Matye
Dance: Jordan Penrod

Ken Kurahashi Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Suwatana Rockland

Charles R. Kent Memorial Musical Theatre Scholarship
Junior: Aveena Sawyer
Senior: Katelyn Cassidy

Outstanding Muiscal Theatre Graduating Senior Award
Recipient: Emma Wichhart

Eugenia V. Erdmann Award in Dance
Recipients: L. Taylor Ashton, Madison DeLong

Kathryn Mihelick Dance Scholarship
Recipient: Sarah Ahlswede

May O'Donnell Memorial Award in Dance
Freshman: Megan Finch
Sophomore: Claire Tilley
Junior: Austin Coates
Senior: Jordan Penrod

Kent Dance Ensemble Merit Award
Recipient: Madison DeLong

The Xavier Atienza Dance Scholarship
Recipients: Halle Spero, Claire Tilley

Roger Braun Memorial Scholarship Award
Recipients: Matthew Smetana, Josh Trattner, Eoin Rude

Charlotte Braun Memorial Scholarship Award
Recipients: Merrie Drees, Liz Woodard

Lou Szari Excellence in Lighting Scholarship
Recipient: Sophia Phillips

Erin Myers Memorial Scholarship
Recipient: Jennifer Hemphill

The Dave and Sherry Joy Scholarship for Musical Theatre
Recipient: Rebecca Rand

Alpha Psi Service Award to Alpha Psi
Recipient: Lauren Odioso

Alpha Psi Service Award to the School of Theatre and Dance
Recipient: Devin Gallo

Dance Faculty Outstanding Achievement Scholarships
Creative Achievement: Madison DeLong
Emerging Artist: Morgan Walker
Growth and Development: Briggs Van Sickle
Emerging Educator: L. Taylor Ashton
Outstanding Dance Minor: Brittany Kloes

Student Dance Education Organization Service to the Dance Program Award
Recipient: SDEO Leadership
L. Taylor Ashton, Madison DeLong, Jordan Penrod, Ashley Buersmeyer, Sarah Ahlswede

Outstanding Student Musician Award
Recipient: Stewart Blackwood

Alpha Psi Omega Awards

Outstanding Newcomer Undergraduate
Recipient: Liam Roth

Outstanding Newcomer Graduate
Recipient: Jennifer Hemphill

Outstanding Student Manager Undergraduate
Recipient: Danielle Holloway

Outstanding Student Manager Graduate
Recipient: Heather Sinclair

Outstanding Student Technician Undergraduate
Recipient: Maurice Epps

Outstanding Student Technician Graduate
Recipients: Patrick Ulrich, Yi Chen

Outstanding Student Designer Undergraduate
Recipient: Stewart Blackwood

Outstanding Student Designer Graduate
Recipient: Terry Martin

Outstanding Student Dancer Undergraduate
Recipient: Austin Coats

Outstanding Student Choreographer Undergraduate
Recipient: Madison DeLong

Outstanding Student Director Undergraduate
Recipient: Abbey Matye

Outstanding Student Director Graduate
Recipient: Jim Bray

Outstanding Student Performer Undergraduate
Recipient: Liz Woodard

Outstanding Student Performer
Recipient: Jess Tanner

Outstanding Senior
Recipients: Madison DeLong, Devin Gallo

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UPDATED: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 11:59am
Joni Koneval