Students receive College of the Arts Flash Grant to Stage "Tell-Tale Heart"

Production reimagined adaptation of famous work by Edgar Allen Poe

Theatre students David Holland, Devin Gallo and Stewart Blackwood were awarded a College of the Arts Flash Grant this Spring to produce an adaptation of "The Tell Tale Heart" as part of the School's Black Box Series.

"The Tell Tale Heart" is a short story by Edgar Allen Poe and adapted for the stage by Gerald P. Murphy. This production incorporated music and original choreography into the classic gothic horror story where the main character, Lucas, details his murder of another man while attempting to convince himself of his sanity.

"The Tell Tale Heart" was directed by Holland, with scenic design and technical direction by Gallo and sound design by Blackwood.

The production team also included stage manager Emma Burns, assistant director Mara Schoch, costume designer Stephanie Dottavio, lighting designer Devin Powell, choreographer William Tipton and scenic artist Kelly Sherlock.

The School's Black Box Series features 5-6 productions every year that are entirely student produced, directed, designed and performed.

The Flash Grant is open to College of the Arts students from Art, Music, Theatre, Dance, or Fashion, as long as the team is comprised of students working in different genres, either in another school in the College of the Arts or another unit across campus. The team's project manager must be an undergraduate student on the Kent Campus who is currently enrolled in a major within the College of the Arts. More information on Flash Grants can be found at