Theatre and Social Change Class Presents Social Justice Play on Health Care

"What the Health! Does Health Care" is a Theatre for Social Justice stage play developed by the Theatre and Social Change (TASC) class, 2017 Spring Semester, at Kent State University, Dr. Daniel Raymond Nadon, instructor.

Production Team Manager, Destiny Kaznoch (PreMed/Bio-Chemistry major; Theatre Management minor) explains, "As a group we hope to educate students on a complicated issue, healthcare, in hopes that when they have to deal with the healthcare industry they are armed with knowledge and can stand up for themselves and advocate for others. "

The play features four engaging stories which center on the current uncertainty surrounding the healthcare system. "What the Health! Does Health Care?" is a play that is a relevant, honest, and often humorous examination into a very important issue that affects us all.

“Theatre, from its very inception, has served us as a tool to initiate positive social change,” says Dr. Nadon.  “This class and this project empowers students with one specific process to develop and perform dramatic text that aims to build a more just world and a better future for generations to come.”

The show includes a Forum Theatre segment in which audience members are invited to stop the action and enter the scene as one of the characters in order to offer a way to stop the oppression being depicted in the scene.

The program wraps with a facilitated Q&A session where the audience and the show’s facilitators engage in a productive dialogue structured to encourage critical thinking and offer possible solutions to the issue of oppression surrounding the healthcare industry.

Director Libby Jackson (Theatre Studies major with a concentration in Theatre and Society, English minor) says, “Working on a TASC project has been incredibly rewarding. TASC projects are unlike any other type of theatre projects that I've ever been involved in. Since we've been devising this entire project together since the beginning of the semester, a real sense of community has been created for all involved. And this sense of connection has only helped us in having an honest and open dialogue with one another - which is ultimately the point of a project such as this! Hopefully, this sense of openness is apparent to our audience and encourages their participation in our dialogue as well.” 

Performance date is Wednesday, May 10 at 1 pm.  Location is the E.Z. Black Box Theatre in the Roe Green Center for the School of Theatre and Dance on the Kent Campus.


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