Transforum Theatre Produces New Work at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

School of Theatre and Dance students take original work to world's largest theatre festival


Kent, OH – Transforum Theatre, a student organization dedicated to helping students pursue their passions and explore their creativity through art, and the School of Theatre and Dance produced the original work "Alice and the Dream Child" this month at the renown Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland. The production performed to sold out audiences and was critcally acclaimed by The Scotsman as "dangerous and edgy" and "a powerful and impressive piece of work."  

Adapted from the beloved classic Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, "Alice and the Dream Child" follows the titular character’s journey through a vastly different wonderland. After a traumatic event is inflicted on her, Alice is involuntarily committed to a mental institution. There, she meets familiar wonderland characters - Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and Caterpillar - who are also patients in this asylum. Alice must make some sense out of these seemingly nonsensical characters before she looses sight of herself. She must prove her sanity or else the Red Queen, who resides over the hospital, will never let her go back home. 

"Alice and the Dream Child" is directed by assistant professor Amy Fritsche and written by Natalie Rosmarin with concept by Jerimie Newcomb. Technical direction is by Devin Gallo. The production features Anna Gallucci as Alice, Rebecca Rand as Dream Alice, Molly Millsaps as Edith/Mad Hatter, Natalie Rosmarin as Lorina/Caterpillar, Kyle Burnett as Charles, Jess Tanner as Nurse, Liz Woodard as White Rabbit and Amy Kohmescher as Cheshire Cat.

This marks the second original work produced by Transforum Theatre and the School of Theatre and Dance. In 2014, Transforum Theatre and the School of Theatre and Dance produced "A Collection of Grimm's Fairy Tales" at the festival.

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POSTED: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 04:53 PM
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