Theatre and Dance Coronavirus Updates and FAQs

As we continue to monitor and work through the unique and unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and how the fall 2020 semester will look, I want to assure you that your safety is our highest priority. In addition to the university’s Flashes Safe Eight Principles, our unique and highly interactive programs require additional safety measures that we are addressing with partners across campus and throughout our industries. As new information about COVID -19 continues to develop, we remain flexible to ensure the safety of all members of the School of Theatre and Dance.

Along with safety, we also have an equal commitment to providing valuable and meaningful theatre and dance education and learning experiences in our theatres, classrooms and studios. These solutions and policies will help to create a safe, positive environment for all students.

This comprehensive resource will give you a better understanding of what the fall will look like and it will be updated as decisions are made. Please explore the Q&A dropdowns below and bookmark this page so you can regularly check back for additional updates.

Eric van Baars
Director, School of Theatre and Dance


General Kent State Coronavirus Information

  • FAQs and Resources

    FAQs and Resources

    Review the reopening FAQs. If you have questions regarding Coronavirus/COVID-19 please call 1-833-4ASKODH (1-833-427-5634) or email Kent State University's One Stop for Student Services is taking calls to answer questions and concerns at 330-672-6000.

  • Kent State’s Safety Principles

    Kent State’s Safety Principles

    Everyone on a Kent State campus must adhere to these operating principles to help create the safest environment possible.

  • COVID-19 Emergency Resources

    COVID-19 Emergency Resources

    Dear Students of Kent State University,

  • COVID-19 Communications

    COVID-19 Communications


Theatre and Dance FAQs

What can I expect classes to look like?
How will physical distancing and sanitization/cleaning protocols affect classes and other activities?
Am I required to wear a mask during class? Does this apply to dance classes?
Will the locker rooms in the Dance wing be open?
Will temperatures be monitored?
Will there be capacity limits for classrooms, studios, theatres, and other spaces in the Center for the Performing Arts?
Can I reserve space in a room or theatre in the Center for the Performing Arts this fall?
How can I expect productions to take place?
Will auditions for the Fall play, musical, and dance concert occur in-person or virtually?
Will auditions be held for the Kent Dance Ensemble at the beginning of the Fall semester? Will auditions be held in-person or virtually?
How will Student Productions function during the Fall semester?
Will I meet with my academic and/or faculty advisor in person? Or will my advising appointment be virtual?
Will the Performing Arts Library be open during the Fall semester?
Will practice rooms be available to use during the Fall semester?
Will the Roe Green lobby and Dance lobby be open for students to sit?
Will the auditions for entry into the Dance and Musical Theatre programs be in-person or virtual?
Will the School of Theatre and Dance hold visit days and events for prospective students?