Student Life

Kent State Golden Flashes Women's Golf Team and Coach Lisa Strom
Today’s Flashes of Inspiration comes from Lisa Strom, Kent State University’s head women’s golf coach, who offers a pep talk to all in the university community struggling under the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Global Reach
Students in the class Communication in a Global Society worked in teams throughout the Spring 2020 semester to educate audiences about one specific aspect of globalization and ecology: fast fashion. The goal, according to Associate Professor Stephanie Danes Smith, was “to look at whether Kent State students can present information about highly relevant issues like fast fashion and get their fellow students to commit to a single, simple behavioral change.”
Student Life
Senior Sydney Bihn finds her true calling throughout her time at Kent State and becomes the first female aerospace engineering graduate.
Community & Society
A century ago in 1920, The Ohio Flying School and Transport Company officially incorporated and opened Stow Field, now known as Kent State University Airport, Andrew Paton Field. To celebrate its centennial and recognize it as the oldest continuously operating airport in Ohio, Dave Poluga, airport manager, has launched the Aviation Art Contest “100 Years of Aviation.”
Research & Science
April’s observance as Autism Awareness Month is coming to a close, but research into the whys and hows of autism is always ongoing at Kent State University. Michael N. Lehman, Ph.D., director of the Brain Health Research Institute at Kent State, said the university supports autism research that focuses on basic discoveries within the brain, as well as applied human research of students with autism, which makes Kent State’s body of research unique and diverse.
Student Life
While locked down in their apartments or family homes, students in the Kent State course Journalism and Documentary are telling a story that future generations and historians will one day discuss: What was college life like when the coronavirus pandemic changed the world?