Building Black Leaders


Building Black Leaders is a program/student organization that:

  • Embraces Black excellence and culture.
  • Aids in achieving success in and out of the classroom.
  • Offers support, community, and allyship.
  • Is designed for YOU and YOUR SUCCESS.

REMEMBER: "Success doesn't come to you, you go for it!"


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-- "My BLACK Life" Video Series  --

 Short videos that provide a glimpse into the lives of Kent State Trumbull Black students and professionals, including their experiences with racism and their aspirations for the future. Click Youtube link above to view series.

-- #Blacklivesmatter: Put Forth Action Database  --

Donate..Educate..Follow..Listen..Support Black Lives. Database link 


-- Virtual Fall 2020 Semester  --

  • Black Student Collective
    • Group of students to connect with, relate to and develop bonds with in and out of school.
  • Group Check-ins 
    • Scheduled virtual meet-ups to touch base, talk about highs and lows, share upcoming events, and Q&A with Coordinator.
  • 1on1 Check-ins 
    • 1on1 communication with Coordinator who will help you stay on track with all things academic, personal, and professional.
  • Connect Hangouts 
    • Scheduled times to meet other Black students, catch-up, and have some fun.
  • "What's Up" Videos:
    • Short videos by professionals, staff and faculty that focus on skill sets, tools, resources and  tips/tricks for academic and career planning success.
  • Cultural Celebrations
  • Social Justice Webinars and Events
  • Professional Development Opportunities
    • Invites to professional opportunities to network, learn, and build your personal brand.


Tiffany Tyree, Program Coordinator,