Associate of Applied Business - Accounting Technology

At the core of every business is the accountant - tracking costs and profits to determine where the business has been and where it's going. By studying the financial pattern of an organization, the accountant forms a picture of its daily activity, its strengths, and weaknesses.

If you like to find answers to questions, like to unravel plots with the evidence at hand, maybe accounting is the field for you. There are currently more than 2.4 million people employed in bookkeeping and accounting clerk positions, and the field promises to continue offering opportunities to newcomers.

The School of Technology's associate's degree in accounting technology provides students with a broad range of practical accounting skills, communications skills, teamwork experience, and general studies.  These combined skills prepare students for immediate entry into the accounting technology field in numerous environments including manufacturing, retail, service, and governmental organizations.

The associate's degree is granted after the successful completion of 61-62 semester hours of coursework.  Because professionals in rapidly changing technology fields must continually upgrade their skills, all credits earned in the accounting technology degree program also apply toward the School of Technology's 2+2 program for a Bachelor of Science in Technology.  Many of the courses in the accounting technology degree program also apply to the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Business Education, which prepares students to teach at the secondary or post-secondary level or manage corporate training programs and is housed in the College of Education.  All students interested in these degrees should consult with a faculty advisor.  Many of the courses in the accounting technology program also apply to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  Early consultation with a Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship adviser is strongly encouraged.