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Associate of Applied Business - Computer Technology

The computer has become the ultimate tool of the workplace, processing information expediently and accurately to help us perform our work more efficiently.

Employment in this ever-changing field has steadily increased. With continued improvements in all phases of computer technology, computer-based information processing has been integrated into virtually every facet of life. Consequently, employment opportunities in the environment are expected to be robust throughout this new century. Hence, regardless of whether a student decides to pursue a computer technology degree from Kent State Trumbull, the need for computer technology classes is stronger and more relevant than ever before.

Kent State Trumbull holds to the philosophy that since technical specialists do not work in a vacuum, they should be given a broad-based education that emphasizes communications and interpersonal as well as computer technology classes. The Associated of Applied Business degree in Computer Technology offers a computer technology degree with comprehensive instruction in concentrations of Networking Technology, Application Development, Internet/Multimedia, and General Technology.

The associate degree is granted after the successful completion of 63 semester hours of computer technology classes and other coursework. By concentrating the majority of your studies in technical and related coursework, you are prepared in a short time to enter the work force. Many of the credits earned in the associate computer technology degree program can be applied toward a bachelor's degree. An adviser can help you to decide the preferred order of completion of the required computer technology classes and the possible substitution of courses for those students pursuing a bachelor's degree.

Computer Scientists and Employment Opportunities

An Associate of Applied Business degree in Computer Technology will prepare you for a career as a Network Manager, Systems Manager, Database Administrator, Web Designer/Developer, Web Master, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Information Systems Manager, Applications Systems Manager, or Systems Specialist in various industries. KSU's computer technology degree can develop students' knowledge base and expertise for technical fields and equip you for success.

Program Roadmap: Application Development Technology

Program Roadmap: General Technology

Program Roadmap: Internet/Multimedia Technology

Program Roadmap: Network Technology