Associate of Applied Science - Electrical or Electronic Engineering Technology

Audio and video components, computers and robotics - a whole new world of job opportunities is open to the technician who can develop and maintain the constantly advancing products in the electricity and electronics field.

America is at the forefront of the technological world. With an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology from Kent State's College of Technology, you will learn to design, develop, test, supervise and repair the equipment that keeps it there.

Along with taking core engineering courses, you will study digital and electronic systems, robotics and Microsystems and you will learn to design and build electrical and electronic circuits.

An associate degree is granted after the successful completion of 69-70 semester hours of coursework and prepares you for employment by allowing you to concentrate the majority of your studies in the technical and related coursework. This program transfers with no loss of credits to the College of Technology's 2+2 program for the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology or Technology.

Career Opportunities

Upon graduation, you will be qualified for many entry-level positions, including:

  • Biomedical technician
  • Engineering assistant
  • Laboratory instrument technician
  • Sales or service representative
  • Other positions in electrical and electronic systems and illumination

Further experience in the field could lead to a position as a:

  • Research technician
  • Senior engineering technician
  • Supervisor in electronics, electrical power, manufacturing or construction technical writer


The Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology offered at Kent State Trumbull is accredited by the Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

Program Roadmap: General

Program Roadmap: Computer