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Bachelor of Arts - Criminology & Justice Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Justice Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of crime, law and justice.

Faculty members view crime, deviance and society’s response from the fields of sociology, political science, psychology, social work and traditional criminal justice viewpoints. The curriculum provides a firm understanding of the basic institutions of the criminal justice system. Students are also exposed to criminological theory and diversity courses, which help them understand the complex relationship between the individual, society and the criminal justice system. The program stresses effective writing and analytical skills. Students are afforded the opportunity to earn credit through internship placements, including Kent State’s fully accredited police academy.

Criminology & Justice Studies degree options

Students can complete all requirements for the B.A. in criminology and justice studies, and the A.A. in justice studies at Kent State Trumbull.

Criminology & Justice Studies minor

Students can complete the criminology and justice studies minor in its entirety at Kent State Trumbull.

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