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Bachelor of Integrative Studies

The Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS; formerly General Studies) degree is a College of Arts & Sciences non-major degree which provides maximum freedom for the student who wishes to take an interdisciplinary and creative approach to the design of an educational program while maintaining a focus on career or professional goals.

The BIS is an individualized program in which the student, rather than a faculty department, undertakes the responsibility for the research and design of his or her own degree program (minimum of 30 future credit hours). Students choose a minimum of two academic departments in which to select courses to develop a rationale for the way in which these courses are supportive of their career goals.

A student who has already completed the course or hour requirement for another baccalaureate degree may not be admitted to the BIS degree program unless given special permission by the Curriculum Committee of the College. Students who have already earned a baccalaureate degree are not eligible to pursue the BIS degree. The BIS degree program may not be combined with a regular major, but may be combined with a Premedicine or Predentistry major.

A student considering the BIS degree program should arrange a conference with a BIS Program Advisor prior to application and submission of the BIS proposal. Appointments may be made through Student Services at Kent State Trumbull. During these sessions, your advisor will review the results and interpretation of the BIS Evaluation.  This evaluation summarizes all current and completed coursework and itemizes remaining graduation requirements to complete the BIS degree.

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Program Requirements

The requirements for the Bachelor of Integrative Studies degree are listed in the Undergraduate Catalog. Some of these include:

  • Completion of 120 semester hours of applicable course work  
  • Completion of 42 upper division hours (30000/40000 level)  
  • Students must complete the degree with a minimum 2.000 cumulative GPA. Students in both the Integrative Studies-General concentration and the Integrative Studies-Two Minors concentration are required to complete IGST 40099 Senior Project, as well as, all University requirements.
  • Achievement of at least a 2.00 cumulative GPA in all Kent State University coursework.

The entire application and admission process must be completed, including formal approval of a program proposal, prior to the first week of the semester in which the student begins their final 30 hours.

Requirements are based upon the current Undergraduate Catalog. New students must satisfy the current catalog requirements at the time of admission into the program. See a BIS advisor for your specific requirements if you may be under an earlier catalog.