Computer Design and Animation & Game Design Engineering Technology

Design, animation, virtual reality - achieved through the computer! Tomorrow's world of visual design is accessible through the College of Technology's Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Design, Animation and Game Design Engineering Technology.

Computer-aided design, commonly called CAD, is the use of computer hardware, software and peripherals to produce graphic images. An almost endless variety of computer-generated images is possible with this technology; the designer is limited only by his or her own imagination. Popular applications include engineering drawings, graphics and technical illustrations; architectural drawings and renderings; and electronics, mechanical, civil and business graphics.

CAD is the heart of automation in every modern manufacturing process. CAD-shaded drawings and animations have vastly improved the ability to describe solid objects through computer models. Animation and virtual reality let you move around inside the computer model you've built and let objects within that model behave as real objects do.

Multimedia integrates CAD designs, photorealistic images, sound, text and video clips to create audiovisual presentations.

This two-year course, combining a concentration of technical and related coursework with fundamental general studies skills results in an Associate of Applied Science degree upon successful completion of 65 semester hours of coursework. Most of the credits earned in the associates degree can be applied toward the College of Technology's 2+2 program for a Bachelor of Science degree in technology. Students interested in the 2+2 program should consult with a faculty advisor.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified for such entry-level positions as:

  • Architectural CAD designer
  • CAD draftsman
  • Civil CAD designer
  • Multimedia developer
  • Technical illustrator

Program Roadmap