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For the fourth consecutive year, Kent State University at Trumbull is proud to sponsor "Excite to Write," an essay writing contest for area high school juniors, seniors, and honor students.
We invite high school students to submit their nonfiction to one of two categories:

     Short submissions (short essays and narrative assignments), approximately 700-1000 words

     Long submissions (research papers), approximately 1000-1700 words

We welcome submissions that:

  • Provide a creative and original exploration of a particular topic
  • Demonstrate complex and insightful critical thinking
  • Display a sophisticated use of relevant examples
  • Exhibit a thorough understanding of writing conventions
    • Essay structure and paragraph construction
    • Citation and format (suggested styles: MLA and APA)
    • Mechanics (correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar)

First and second place winners will be awarded gift cards to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore located on our campus, and their papers will be published on the Kent State University at Trumbull web site. 

Created by Kent State Trumbull English faculty members Ana Wetzl, Ph.D., and James Canacci, the purpose of the program is to help students realize that writing skills matter, while at the same time, strengthening Kent State Trumbull’s connection with local high schools that help make up much of its student body. The program does not create additional work for teachers or students; all submissions should be papers the students have already written for one of their regular English courses. The Excite to Write program is about recognizing the hard work which students have already put forth, not about making more.

Students can complete the application form and upload their submissions directly to the Kent State Trumbull website by clicking the link below:

Additional program information is available to:

All works submitted will be read by Kent State University at Trumbull English faculty and English majors.

Entries will be accepted between February 15 and March 20.