Industrial Maintenance Training Program

Are you a manufacturing employer seeking to enhance the knowledge and skills of your maintenance workforce? 

Kent State University at Trumbull has a nationally recognized program to meet your needs!

Developed in 2008 to meet the increasing demand for skilled maintenance workers, the Industrial Maintenance Training program was designed to meet the diverse needs of employers and individuals. In addition, Kent State can modify the training programs to meet specific business training.

The Industrial Maintenance training program has two tracks - mechanical and electrical. Each program consists of a wide variety of short online courses which include audio & written instruction, video demonstrations, quizzes and a final test. These courses are accessible anytime, anywhere – all students need is Internet access. Students can complete an entire training program or select specific topics/courses. The Industrial Maintenance Training program is most effective when supplemented by on-the-job training.

  • Maintenance Technical Mechanical (MTM) – This program is designed to provide mechanical maintenance technicians with the skills they need to be successful.  Students will gain skills in: math, print reading, safety, troubleshooting, drive components, lubrication, bearings, piping systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, basic electricity, and more. Learn more about the MTM program with this detailed program description (PDF).
  • Maintenance Technical Electrical (MTE) – This program is designed to provide electrical maintenance technicians with the skills they need to be successful.  Students will gain skills in: math, print reading, safety,basic electricity, electrical measurements, AC Circuits and Transformers, DC circuits & fundamentals, electrical protection, motor drives, AC/DC equipment & controls, motor controls, power supplies, electronic components & circuits, programmable logic controllers, measurement/instrumentation, process control/instrumentation, and more. 
  • Multicrafted – For those maintenance technicians who choose to be multicrafted, Kent State Trumbull has a combined training program that provides skills for technicians to be successful in both the mechanical and electrical fields. More information is available by emailing our office.

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