Kent State Trumbull Cross Country Team

Membership Requirements

1. Students participating in organization must be enrolled in at least 3 semester hours of coursework per semester and be in "good standing". Other individuals in the University community and the public are welcome to participate in the membership at large as affiliate members. Such members may not hold office and may not vote on officers, organizational matters, or expenditures. Furthermore, they may not request campus facilities or services.
2. Students who are officers or contact persons for the organization must meet the following:
a. Be enrolled in at least 3 semester hours
b. Be in "good standing"
c. Not be on warning; and
d. Completed at least 3 or more semester hours in the previous semester
3. Semester students who are not officially classified under a transfer status are not required to meet the academic or 3 hours previous semester requirements.
4. Any student who is ineligible to participate based on the above criteria may not hold office or vote within the Student Organization. Students who do not meet academic requirements.


Campus Location