Meet the Tutors

Amanda C. is a senior majoring in American Sign Language/English Interpreting and Psychology. She tutors ASL and enjoys helping students grasp challenging concepts and improving their skills. She likes going off-road in her Jeep. 

What advice would Amanda give her freshman self? Embrace mistakes; they are opportunities to grow and learn

Brooklyn B. is a sophomore majoring in English and has two young daughters. Writing has always been a hobby for her and she enjoys sharing her love for language with others. Her favorite snack? French fries and anything fried!

What advice would Brooklyn give her freshman self? Enjoy learning the basics- you’re going to need them!

Charles S.  is a senior majoring in Engineering Technology. He tutors Mathematics and Engineering and enjoys helping other students with their assignments. 

What advice would Charles give his freshman self? Explore as many options as possible; if something peaks your interest, go for it! 

Hannah S. is a sophomore majoring in English. She tutors English and enjoys helping students succeed, feeling useful/knowledgeable, collaborating with fellow tutors, and constantly learning. Her favorite snack? Chicken fried rice!

What advice would Hannah give her freshman self? Do not be afraid to speak, as the worst you could do is be wrong. Take courses you enjoy AND need. Enjoy should come first because if you enjoy it, it’ll naturally be easy.

Imanpreet K. is a freshman majoring in Nursing. Imanpreet tutors Chemistry and Algebra I-IV.  She is talkative and she likes to help others. Her favorite food? Tacos!

What advice would Imanpreet give her freshman self? Don’t stress after your first test and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Stephanie G. is a junior majoring in Psychology. She tutors English and loves interacting with different students and helping them understand the writing process. Her favorite snack? Smoothies!

What advice would Stephanie give her freshman self? Relax a little more, and allow yourself to have some fun!

Taylor G. is a freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering. Taylor tutors Chemistry and Elementary Spanish I & II. Taylor loves working with the other tutors because they are so knowledgeable and interesting. Taylor is serious about her education: she once created an eight-foot long comparison chart when she was studying for one of her courses. Her favorite food? Tacos! 

What advice would Taylor give herself? Create a schedule of assignments and don’t be lenient when following it.