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Meet the Tutors

Amanda C. is a senior majoring in American Sign Language/English Interpreting and Psychology. She tutors ASL and enjoys helping students grasp challenging concepts and improving their skills. She likes going off-road in her Jeep.

What advice would Amanda give her freshman self? Embrace mistakes; they are opportunities to grow and learn.


Briana M. is a junior majoring in ASL and Zoology. She tutors ASL and wants to help others learn and enjoy the language. Briana is also a powerlifter!

What advice would Briana give her freshman self? Work hard and study harder.


Brooklyn B. is a senior majoring in English and has two young daughters. Spanish has always been a hobby for her and she enjoys sharing her love for language with others. Her favorite snack? French fries and anything fried!

What advice would Brooklyn give her freshman self? Enjoy learning the basics – you’re going to need them!


Hannah S. is a senior majoring in English. She tutors English and enjoys helping students succeed, feeling useful and knowledgeable, collaborating with fellow tutors, and constantly learning. Her favorite snack? Chicken fried rice!

What advice would Hannah give her freshman self? Do not be afraid to speak, as the worst you could do is be wrong. Take courses you enjoy AND need. Enjoy should come first because if you enjoy it, it’ll naturally be easy.


Iman K. is a junior majoring in Nursing. She tutors Chemistry and Algebra I-IV.  She is talkative and she likes to help others. Her favorite food? Tacos!

What advice would Iman give her freshman self? Don’t stress out after your first text.


Jason H. is a graduate student in Digital Sciences. He tutors Computer Sciences, Computer Technologies, and Basic Math. He likes tutoring because it allows him to help people and give back to the place that has helped him.

What advice would Jason give his freshman self? Make a schedule and keep to it.


Kathy H. is a senior majoring in English. She has a cat named Zapper and loves to eat Cheez-its!

What is the best advice anyone gave Kathy? Take things one day at a time.


Nicole C. Nicole is a senior majoring in Business; however, she tutors English. She has four chickens and she loves tacos! She likes tutoring in the Learning Center because she loves the atmosphere and helping people. 

What would Nicole tell her freshman self? What seems like a huge problem now may not be much in the grand scheme of life


Richard L. Richard is a junior majoring in Computer Technology. He can help with Programming, Microsoft Suite, and Networking. Richard is the father of four beautiful girls!

What advice would Richard give his freshman self? You are in charge of your own learning; don’t be afraid to ask questions.


Taylor E. Taylor is a senior majoring in English. She tutors English and enjoys helping students feel more confident and excited about their writing. 

What is the best advice anyone gave Taylor? “College does not require high intelligence; it requires discipline.”