Meet the Tutors

Abigail H. is a sophomore tutoring ALEKS Math, Psychology, and Chemistry. She enjoys helping her fellow students in their never-ending pursuit of knowledge. Favorite snack? Caramel popcorn!

What is the best advice anyone gave Abigail? Never be afraid to make mistakes; mistakes are proof that you are trying.


Alyssa G. is a sophomore tutoring English/Writing. She enjoys using her knowledge to help others, and tutoring has made her a better writer. Favorite snacks? Chocolate and caramel.

What advice would Alyssa give her freshman self? Step out of your anxious mindset a bit more.


Ashely L. is a junior tutoring Mathematics. She likes helping people and making them feel more comfortable about their abilities. Ashley is teaching herself how to play the piano!

What advice would Ashley give her freshman self? Don’t give up on yourself when you get stressed out. Reach out for help.


Briana M. is a senior majoring in ASL and Biological Sciences. She tutors ASL and wants to help others learn and enjoy the language. Briana is also a powerlifter!

What advice would Briana give her freshman self? Work hard and study harder.

Emily T. is a senior majoring in English. She tutors English/Writing and Philosophy and loves helping students with their writing. Fun fact: Emily has a twin brother, but he does not share her love for writing. 

What is the best advice anyone gave Emily?  Do your best; that is all anyone can ask of you.


Iman K. is a junior majoring in Nursing. She tutors Chemistry and Algebra I-IV.  She is talkative and she likes to help others. Her favorite food? Tacos!

What advice would Iman give her freshman self? Don’t stress out after your first test.

Isabella D. is a junior majoring in Information Technology & Psychology. She tutors Mathematics and Science and enjoys helping other students understand and grow an appreciation towards a topic that they may struggle with in their courses. Her favorite snack? Cheez-Its.

What advice would Isabella give her freshman self? You don't need to know what you want to do for the rest of your life the minute you graduate high school; it’s ok to change your major.


Madalyn W. is a freshman majoring in Nursing. She tutors Chemistry, and she can help with Anatomy and Physiology, and Microbiology. She loves singing and her two puppies, Katie and Coco.
What advice would Madalyn give her freshman self? Keep everything organized and don't stress out too much.


Richard L. is a junior majoring in Computer Technology. He can help with Programming, Microsoft Suite, and Networking. Richard is the father of four beautiful girls!
What advice would Richard give his freshman self? You are in charge of your own learning; don’t be afraid to ask questions.