President's and Dean's Lists Released for Fall 2014

On Friday, Jan. 30, Kent State University at Trumbull was proud to recognize those students who were named to either the President's or Dean's lists for their academic achievements during the Fall 2014 semester.

In recognition of an extremely high level of academic excellence, a President's List is compiled each academic semester. To qualify, students must have a grade point average in the semester of 4.00 and must have completed 15 or more letter-graded credit hours (A, B, etc.) by the end of that semester. A Dean's List features qualifying students possess a grade point average in the semester of 3.40 or greater and must have completed 12 or more letter-graded credit hours (A, B, etc.) by the end of that semester.

President's List (Fall 2014)  
Backs, Andrew M. Milford OH
Bulmer, Stacie R. Hubbard OH
DiBlasio, Anna M. Youngstown OH
Duckworth, Amanda D. Newton Falls OH
Garcia, Ana Sofia B. Warren OH
Killing, Bobbi Jo Warren OH
Lawton, Meagan B. Windsor OH
Littell, Ashley M. Warren OH
McFall, Joshua A. West Farmington OH
Nemes, Steve C. Newton Falls OH
Paskey, Kathryn E. Orwell OH
Sackett, Ryan A. Hermitage PA
Sandrella, Nicole E. Warren OH
Stepp, Brandi M. Columbus OH
Tyndall, Megan N. Warren OH
White, David P. Tippecanoe OH
York, Halcie R. Southington OH
Dean's List (Fall 2014)  
Adams, Lindsay B. WARREN OH
Aikins, Heather L. Mineral Ridge OH
Andersson, Kristina J. Warren OH
Barnhart, Samantha L. Warren OH
Batton, Rebecca L. Warren OH
Bearfield, Eric M. Leavittsburg OH
Beatty, Wendy A. Columbiana OH
Bell, Victoria J. youngstown OH
Bendekovich, Michaela J. Hubbard OH
Bennett, Kenedi R. Warren OH
Berry, Jessica D. Lake Milton OH
Bevilacqua, Daniel A. Farmdale OH
Bishop, Donnette M. Girard OH
Blackburn, Amber R. Cortland OH
Boak, Daniel P. Youngstown OH
Boehm, Kristin A. Warren OH
Brichetto, Peter Warren OH
Brown, Erica R. Cortland OH
Brumfield, Jessica L. Warren OH
Bucco, Breanna M. Cortland OH
Budy, Crystal D. Jefferson OH
Buratti, Brandon M. Salem OH
Carmen, Thomas J. Windham OH
Carsone, Frank F. Youngstown OH
Carter, Paul S. Canton OH
Cates, Annah M. Warren OH
Cavalier, Christian M. Warren  OH
Cerny, Michelle L. Girard OH
Chapman, Kristina N. Warren OH
Chestnut, Michelle D. Warren OH
Ciresi, Chelsea M. Newbury OH
Coleman, Raan L. Warren OH
Coppedge, Connor P. Macedonia OH
Corbin, Rachel L. Warren OH
Cozart, Angela L. Cortland OH
Cunningham, Kerry A. Newton Falls OH
Currence, Rebecca L. Warren OH
Curry, Travis L. Jewett OH
Cutlip, Roger L. Warren OH
Davis, Kristen A. Southington OH
DelPiero, Laura L. Cortland OH
Deneen, Breanna R. Newton Falls OH
DiCristofaro, Danielle M. Brookfield OH
Douglas, Robert J. Warren OH
Drescher, Courtney I. Cortland OH
Drummond, Ashlea C. Youngstown OH
Dull, Audra V. Niles OH
Edwards, Jacob D. Windham OH
Ellis, Amanda L. Youngstown OH
Ellis, Eugenia D. Campbell OH
Ellsworth, Taylor M. Newton Falls  OH
Emch, Sarah A. Warren OH
Emens, Evan P. Garrettsville OH
Farina, Melanie Struthers OH
Farrell, Allison L. Warren OH
Felger, Whitney N. Cortland OH
Fischer, Jackie R. Cortland OH
Fountadakis, Christine Warren OH
France, Rachel A. Ravenna OH
Fritch, Ryan L. Boardman OH
Fuller, William B. Newton Falls OH
Furbay, David E. New Philadelphia OH
Fusillo, Jami Niles OH
Gagliardi, Anthony V. Girard OH
Gentile, Anthony P. West Farmington OH
Germano, Jacqueline Cortland OH
Gibbs, Andrew P. Warren OH
Glaspell, Jason    
Glassmeyer, Andrew R.    
Gonzalez, Michael J. Hubbard OH
Good, Nicholas J. Columbiana OH
Goodnight, Ashley M. Garrettsville OH
Gotti, Gregory M. Warren OH
Gotti, Stephanie M. Warren OH
Greeley, Tyler L. Niles OH
Gumont, Joseph L. Madison OH
Hacker, Timothy D. Bristolville OH
Haddle, Michael J. Warren OH
Halfhill, Stephanie L. East Palestine OH
Halkovics, Jennifer L. Warren OH
Hall, Frances L. Youngstown OH
Hamilton, Juliana K. Orwell OH
Harrah, Abigail L. Newton Falls OH
Harrah, Jacob A. Newton Falls OH
Harries, Matthew R. Vienna OH
Hartt, Kathleen A. Newton Falls OH
Hatfield, Alex Z. Southington OH
Hauck, Jordan E. Leavittsburg OH
Hawkins, Osmond J. Newton Falls OH
Hecker, Travis L. Farmdale OH
Heyne, William A. Elyria OH
Hildreth, Sarah A. Cortland OH
Hogue, Hayley M. Masury OH
Hohvart, Michelle R. Warren OH
Holmes, Kasandra R. Kinsman OH
Hughes, Seth M. Cortland OH
Hume, Kellie R. Carrollton OH
Jaskowick, Joanna L. Warren OH
Jessup, Nicholas J. Geneva OH
Johnson, Kylie Warren OH
Johnson, Michelle R. Warren OH
Jones, Dakota A. Leavittsburg OH
Jones, Spencer D. Leavittsburg OH
Jones, Tia M. Leavittsburg OH
Jordan, Rod B. Dover OH
Karenke, April L. Warren OH
Katzman, Benjamin A. Cortland OH
Keen, David Warren OH
Kinnamon, Taylor D. Warren OH
Kinney, Ryan P. Ashtabula OH
Kinsley, Kaitlynn M. Struthers OH
Knapp, Katelin L. Fowler OH
Laing, Stephen J. Ravenna OH
LaMarca, Jessie M. Mantua OH
Lance, Katlin M. Newton Falls OH
Latimore, Antuane youngstown OH
Law, Emily J. Warren OH
Lee, Mark B. Bristolville OH
Lelesch, Priscilla F. Cortland OH
Lenney, Michelle R. North Bloomfield OH
Leva, Vincent F. Mantua OH
Levels, Benjamin Diamond OH
Liga, Kathleen M. Boardman OH
Linger, Jacob R. Cortland OH
Lippert, Kelli D. Southington OH
Losey, Paige N. Warren OH
Loske, Jade N. Kent OH
Marks, Amanda J. Warren OH
Marlowe, Kaitlin A. Hiram OH
Mastropietro, Michael R. Hubbard OH
Mayor, Laurinda L. Struthers OH
Mazias, Jessica L. Boardman OH
Mazzella, Natasha E. Vienna OH
McCartney, Stephanie L. Orwell OH
Meszaros, Sharon Cortland OH
Meteney, Barbara K. Austintown OH
Middleton, Savannah J. Ravenna OH
Milen, John R. Warren OH
Miller, Michael J. Lisbon OH
Mitchell, Samantha J. Youngstown OH
Morgart, James A. Tallmadge OH
Mulidore, Shannon F. Youngstown OH
Mullins, Brooke A. Warren OH
Murzynski, Joseph T. Ashtabula OH
Naylor, Christopher D. Bristolville OH
Nemergut, Theresa L. Youngstown OH
Oliver, Krystle L.    
Olson, Brandon J. Atwater OH
O'Rourke, Christopher D. Cortland OH
Ortiz, Erica L. Youngstown OH
Palmer, Jena Niles OH
Pavlic, Erin M. Middlefield OH
Peace, Chadwick H. Leavittsburg OH
Perkins, Jessica W. Cortland OH
Phillips, Ashlan R. Cortland OH
Pietras, Nathan A. Canton OH
Pike, Abigail R. Dorset OH
Plott, Zachary C. West Farmington OH
Polivka, Joshua L. Warren OH
Poulis, Alexandra K. Cortland OH
Pryor, Gilbert Newton Falls OH
Pryor, Jocelyn K. Cortland OH
Queen, Travis F. Chardon OH
Rager, Anna E. Warren OH
Rasey, Sonya L. Southington OH
Raymond, Crystal S. North Bloomfield OH
Rhine, Jaclyn T. Cortland OH
Rhodes, Alexis F. Austintown OH
Richards, Dennis M. Warren OH
Rigsby, Jake W. Warren OH
Ritchey, Mark A. Ravenna OH
Rizzo, Katherine C. Williamsfield OH
Rodriguez, Selena M. Newton Falls OH
Roe, Suzanne M. Boardman OH
Rogozan, Jessica L. Niles OH
Rowe, Lorna B. Niles OH
Sage, Courtney Youngstown OH
Sanders, Tiffany L. Ravenna OH
Schillig, Holly E. Alliance OH
Scott, Christine M. Leavittsburg OH
Selzer, Erin N. Dorset OH
Severe, Diane E. Warren OH
Sheovani, Anda L. Southington OH
Showen, Kara H. Warren OH
Shumaker, Stephany M. Warren OH
Sicilian, Steven J. Columbus OH
Sisler, Hannah R. Cortland OH
Smallsreed, Jennifer D. Newton Falls OH
Smith, Erica M. West Farmington OH
Smith, Lance T. Windham OH
Smith, Tara L. Warren OH
Somerville, Tori L. Cortland OH
Sprockett, Alaina J. Niles OH
Straniak, Brian M. Warren OH
Strong, Megan M. Ashtabula OH
Such, Winfield W. Andover OH
Szafran, Jonathan R. Ravenna OH
Taylor, Autumn M. Niles OH
Tittle, Aaron Garrettsville OH
Tolla, Lacey L. Orwell OH
Triol, Rosner N. Warren OH
Troyer, Carol West Farmington OH
Trunick, Emily N. Warren OH
Tursack, Valryi D. Warren OH
Tyndall, Mary E. warren OH
Vaughn, Michael R. Warren OH
Vicich, Anthony J. Ravenna OH
Warszawski, Jacob L. Wooster OH
Weckerly, Hope E. Warren OH
Wells, Dawn M. North bloomfield OH
Weston, Christine R. Southington OH
White, Michael J. Fowler OH
White, Shayna D. Newton Falls OH
Whiting, Jason R. Warren OH
Whitmore, Layna N. Ravenna  OH
Williams, Brandie N. Bristolville OH
Williams, Dakoda C. Warren OH
Wilson, Nicole S. Niles OH
Wilson, Rachel A. Southington OH
Zalimeni, Ryan A. Ashtabula OH
Zigmont, Zachary T. Warren OH
Zombar, Jennifer L.    


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