We Proudly Announce Our Students Who Were Named to the President's & Dean's List

Kent State University at Trumbull proudly announces students who were named to either the President's or Dean's lists for their academic achievements during the Spring 2016 semester.

In recognition of an extremely high level of academic excellence, a President's List is compiled each academic semester. To qualify, students must have a grade point average in the semester of 4.00 and must have completed 15 or more letter-graded credit hours (A, B, etc.) by the end of that semester.

A Dean's List features qualifying students possessing a grade point average in the semester of 3.40 or greater and must have completed 12 or more letter-graded credit hours (A, B, etc.) by the end of that semester.


NAME:                                    CITY:                           STATE:

Burnside, Margaret                 Youngstown                OH

Gotti, Stephanie                      Warren                        OH

Griffin, Connor                        Warren                        OH

Hall, Frances                           Youngstown                OH

Hamilton, Katie                       Cortland                      OH

Harper, Danielle                      Leavittsburg                OH

Hatfield, Alex                          Southington                 OH

Jaskowick, Joanna                 Warren                        OH

Jones, Tia                               Leavittsburg                OH

Kovalak, Kurtis                        Andover                      OH

Kuneli, Melissa                        Girard                          OH

Parson, Yanwen                     Warren                        OH

Reinhart, Jason                       Kinsman                      OH

Sandford, Kirstin                     Cortland                      OH

Schuster, Kelsey                     Newton Falls               OH

Spalding, Caleb                       North Jackson             OH

Trumbetta, Tiffany                  Girard                          OH

Wheeler, Laura                       North Canton              OH

Williams, Brandie                    Bristolville                    OH

York, Halcie                            Southington                 OH



NAME:                                    CITY:                           STATE:

Agee, Brittani                          Youngstown                OH

Aikins, Heather                       Warren                        OH

Allen, Jillian                             Niles                            OH

Almburg, Lyle                          Warren                        OH

Amponsah, Alexander            Warren                        OH

Annichenni, Daniel                  Canfield                       OH

Ballentine, Sarah                     Newton Falls               OH

Barber, Gregory                      Ravenna                     OH

Barnes, Alexander                  Cortland                      OH

Barnett, Destinee                    Warren                        OH

Baumgartner, Andrew            Warren                        OH

Beatty, Megan                        Youngstown                OH

Beatty, Sean                           Youngstown                OH

Bergstrom, Amanda               Leavittsburg                OH

Bethune, KieAeira                   Warren                        OH

Bonnema, Shawn                   Hubbard                      OH

Bontrager, Adam                    Middlefield                   OH

Bradac, Michael                      Warren                        OH

Bresnahan, Kandaze              Girard                          OH

Brooks John,                           Cortland                      OH

Buratti, Brandon                      Salem                          OH

Cain, Jared                             Cortland                      OH

Caldwell, Kameron                 Cortland                      OH

Campbell, Amanda                 Warren                        OH

Carmen, Thomas                    Windham                     OH

Carpenter, Scott                     North Jackson             OH

Carpenter, Kevin                     Cortland                      OH

Carson , Amelia                       Cortland                      OH

Cates, Marissa                        Canal Fulton                OH

Cerny, Michelle                       Girard                          OH

Chapman, Kristina                  Warren                        OH

Chappel, Nicolas                     Lisbon                          OH

Chase, Emily                          Akron                          OH

Chipps, Jessica                       Mineral Ridge              OH

Cirillo, Kyle                              Warren                        OH

Coblentz, Christopher             Middlefield                   OH

Corbin, Rachel                        Warren                        OH

Cozart, Angela                        Cortland                      OH

Crenshaw, Adrielle                  Warren                        OH

Curran, Meghan                      North Bloomfield         OH

Daley, Megan                         Salem                          OH

Dawson, Jeffrey                     North Jackson             OH

Deal, Rebecca                        Newton Falls               OH

DeChant, Guihui                     Girard                          OH

Deneen, Breanna                    Newton Falls               OH

Dezelan, Allison                      Southington                 OH

DiBlasio, Anna                        Youngstown                OH

Dorchock, Jessica                  Warren                        OH

Dull, Audra                              Niles                            OH

Dunn, Madison                        Ravenna                     OH

Eakin, Carissa                         Warren                        OH

Elliott, Ken'Dazia                     Niles                            OH

Ellis, Eugenia                          Campbell                     OH

Ellis, Amanda                          Youngstown                OH

Emerine, Natalie                     Warren                        OH

Emerson, Geoffrey                 Medina                        OH

Fekete, Dean                          Canfield                       OH

Flask, David                            Warren                        OH

Frame, Clayton                       Canfield                       OH

Fuller, William                         Newton Falls               OH

Furrie, Tyler                            Warren                        OH

Gibson, Zachary                     Warren                        OH

Goodnight, Cory                     Garrettsville                 OH

Gotti, Gregory                         Warren                        OH

Graban, Margaret                   Kinsman                      OH

Grant, Ryan                            Warren                        OH

Grantonic, Alex                       New Middletown         OH

Greathouse, Taylor                 Farmdale                     OH

Haddle, Michael                      Warren                        OH

Hall, Lisa                                 Warren                        OH

Harrah, Abigail                        Newton Falls               OH

Harris, Kathy                           Warren                        OH

Hauck, Jordan                        Leavittsburg                OH

Hawkins, Osmond                  Newton Falls               OH

Hecker, Matthew                    Farmdale                     OH

Herron, John                           Bristolville                    OH

Hildreth, Sarah                        Cortland                      OH

Hinton, Lindsey                       Niles                            OH

Honkonen, Clinton                  Leavittsburg                OH

Hughes, Taylor                       Warren                        OH

Hurst, Samantha                     Warren                        OH

Irizarry, Ashley                        Chicago                       IL

Johnson, Nicholas                  Warren                        OH

Johnson, Jerica                      Youngstown                OH

Kalinoff, Steven                      Windham                     OH

Karenke, April                         Warren                        OH

Kaur, Sandeep                        Warren                        OH

Kaur, Imanpreet                      Cortland                      OH

Kelley, Steve                           Warren                        OH

Kilbourne, Tyler                       Girard                          OH

King, James                            Salem                          OH

Kinney, Ryan                          Ashtabula                    OH

Kirk, Tanisha                           Youngstown                OH

Kirkbride, Jacob                      North Bloomfield         OH

Kiser, Mackenzie                    Windham                     OH

Knapp, Katelin                         Girard                          OH

Knight, Andrea                        Cortland                      OH

Koski, Renee                          Williamsfield                OH

Krafcik, Abigail                        Warren                        OH

Kufrin, Alexandra                    Willoughby                  OH

Kurilchick, Sallie                     Warren                        OH

Laird, Jeramy                          Hermitage                   PA

Lambert, Brooke                     Mineral Ridge              OH

Lamendola, Ronald                 Mantua                        OH

Lang, Jonathan                       Cortland                      OH

Laurenzi, Jonah                      Kinsman                      OH

Lehman, Richard                    Diamond                     OH

Lenney, Michelle                     Warren                        OH

Lewis, Dorothea                      Cortland                      OH

Lewis, Matthew                       Girard                          OH

Libbey, Mark                           Cortland                      OH

Linger, Jacob                          Cortland                      OH

Littell, Ashley                           Warren                        OH

Mackey, Samantha                Garrettsville                 OH

Marsch, Ramon                      Orwell                          OH

Mathis, Sean                           Grove City                  OH

Maxwell, Kaleigh                     Youngstown                OH

Mazzella, Natasha                  Vienna                         OH

McAllister, Morgan                  Warren                        OH

McCullough, Brandon             Diamond                     OH

McDowell, Tyler                      Burghill                        OH

McHugh, Sean                        Warren                        OH

McNemar, Jonathan               Warren                        OH

Medved, Erin                          Orwell                          OH

Medzie , Kayla                         Warren                        OH

Merrill, Aaron                          Leetonia                      OH

Mick, Kaitlynn                         Carrollton                    OH

Middleton, Savannah              Ravenna                     OH

Miller, Michelle                        Newton Falls               OH

Miller, Samantha                     Kinsman                      OH

Morris, Marissa                       Kent                             OH

Morrow, Shannon                   Youngstown                OH

Motter, Emily                          Bristolville                    OH

Muldowney, Rebecca             Diamond                     OH

Musial, Jared                          Poland                         OH

Nagy, Rachel                          Warren                        OH

Nemergut, Theresa                 Youngstown                OH

Neu, Daniel                             Garrettsville                 OH

Nimylowycz, Robert               Brunswick                   OH

Ortz, Steven                            Youngstown                OH

O'Shields, Cody                      Ravenna                     OH

Owen, Joshua                         Homeworth                 OH

Paniccia, Anthony                   Canton                        OH

Parker, LaChic                        Warren                        OH

Peace, Austin                          Newton Falls               OH

Peterson, Cody                       Newton Falls               OH

Phillips , Ashlan                       Cortland                      OH

Phillips, Melanie                      Atwater                        OH

Popovich, Alexa                      Cortland                      OH

Potter, Kourtney                      Warren                        OH

Powell, Wendy                        Streetsboro                 OH

Priddy, Abigail                         Dorset                         OH

Pugh, Toni                               Canfield                       OH

Pushak, Olivia                         Cortland                      OH

Racz, Amanda                        Warren                        OH

Reiner, Christopher                 Cortland                      OH

Reiner, Rodney                       Cortland                      OH

Rhine, Jaclyn                          Cortland                      OH

Rhodes, Robert                       Streetsboro                 OH

Richards, Matthew                  Salem                          OH

Rigsby, Jake                           Warren                        OH

Roberts, Cassie                      Warren                        OH

Rodemoyer, Nicole                 Warren                        OH

Rodriguez, Selena                  Newton Falls               OH

Rogozan, Jessica                   Niles                            OH

Rohland, Heidi                        Warren                        OH

Rollison, Danielle                    Youngstown                OH

Rowe, Shannon                      Mayfield Heights         OH

Rudolph-Hazen, Jessica         Cortland                      OH

Rumple, Jimmy                      Cortland                      OH

Salyers, Valerie                       Lowellville                    OH

Sandrella, Nicole                     Warren                        OH

Sandrella, Alexis                     Warren                        OH

Santha, Richard                      West Farmington        OH

Savo, Shannon                       Canfield                       OH

Schmidt, Phoebe                    Newton Falls               OH

Schneider, Kaitlin                    Newbury                     OH

Scott, Caitlin                            Warren                        OH

Severe, Diane                         Warren                        OH

Shafer, Jaimie                        Warren                        OH

Shaffer, Georgia                     Girard                          OH

Shingler, Robert                      East Liverpool             OH

Showen, Kara                         Warren                        OH

Simpson, Dennis                     Mineral Ridge              OH

Sisler, Hannah                        Cortland                      OH

Sloan, Julie                             Bristolville                    OH

Slusher, Lauren                       Bristolville                    OH

Smith, Stephen                       Burghill                        OH

Smith, Courtney                      Ashtabula                    OH

Smith, Kyle                             Newton falls                OH

Smith, Megan                         McDonald                   OH

Snider, Rosalind                      Leavittsburg                OH

Sparks, Allissa                        McDonald                   OH

Stassinis, Michael                   Southington                 OH

Stennett, Karl                          Niles                            OH

Stiffler, Melissa                       Warren                        OH

Stipanovich, Alexis                 Youngstown                OH

Stirling, Alex                            Cortland                      OH

Stouffer, Corey                       New Middletown         OH

Svette, Leah                            Newton Falls               OH

Szabo, Jordan                         Cortland                      OH

Thompson, Kelsy                    Masury                        OH

Tirabassi, Daniel                     Warren                        OH

Tolich, Alexandra                    Mineral Ridge              OH

Tress, Heather                        Niles                            OH

Troyer, Carol                           West Farmington        OH

Tupta, Timothy                        Twinsburg                   OH

Tursack, Valryi                        Warren                        OH

Tursack, Jamie                       Warren                        OH

Urs, Erin                                  Salem                          OH

Urs, Sara                                 Salem                          OH

Verdream, Shanay                 Girard                          OH

Verhas , Chandler                   Orwell                          OH

Vialpando, Zebulun                 New Castle                 PA

Viglio, Shannon                       Warren                        OH

Vlasaty, Keri                            Garrettsville                 OH

Walker, Wendy                       New Middletown         OH

Walker, Mykenzie                   Diamond                     OH

Wareham, Rebekah               Burghill                        OH

Warren, Tyler                          Bristolville                    OH

Weckerly, Hope                      Warren                        OH

Weidner, Jeremiah                 Windham                     OH

Wellendorf, Corey                   Salem                          OH

Wengerd, Nathanael               Middlefield                   OH

West, Austin                            Cortland                      OH

White, Erin                              Southington                 OH

Wilson, Eric                             Cortland                      OH

Winborne, Jeremy                  Mantua                        OH

Wirtz, Alyssa                           Youngstown                OH

Wiscott, Madison                    Kinsman                      OH

Wise, Kelsey                           Lake Milton                 OH

Wise, David                             Hubbard                      OH

Woofter, Amber                      Cortland                      OH

Worley, Lauren                       Warren                        OH

Wyss, Nicholas                       Niles                            OH

York, Liberty                           West Farmington        OH

Zigmont, Zachary                   Warren                        OH

Zilke, Daniel                            Berlin Center               OH

Zimmerman, Shannon            Dover                          OH

For more information about Kent State University at Trumbull or the President’s or Dean’s lists, contact Bill Burgess, marketing coordinator, at 330-412-7490.

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