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Dr. Carol L. Robinson teaches freshman composition, medieval English, motion pictures adapted from literature (film and video games), Deaf culture literature, and Women's Studies courses for the Trumbull Campus, mostly 100% online. She is working with colleagues (particularly Lesley Coote, Univ. of Hull) to fund, further design, and build an online virtual world museum of medieval studies and medievalism(s). She has been accepted to participate in the Teaching Scholars Program for 2014-2015. She serves as Co-Chair of KSU Trumbull Diversity Council and is an active member of UDAC. She is English Coordinator for the Trumbull Campus. Her publications include articles and book chapters on medievalism, Deaf culture, video games, film, adaptation theory, and gestural communication (both medieval and contemporary). She has written about Deaf playwright Willy Conley, Deaf poet and storyteller Peter Cook, Flying Words Project, World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings and adapted media (films and video games), and Geoffrey Chaucer's Wife of Bath. In 2012, she premiered her first full-length documentary film, Listening to You, Listening to Me, Listening to Every Man, Woman and Child: A Neomedieval, Deaf/Hearing, Community Theatre Experience, which is being revised and published for DVD along with supplemental materials for course lessons (forthcoming 2015). 

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Associate Professor & Coordinator

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Department of English



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Room 239D Classroom Building



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Wednesdays, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., and by appointment