The Road 2 Success (R2S) Program ensures collegiate success and community support for Kent State Trumbull Students of Color. The program is truly designed for YOU and YOUR SUCCESS.


Program Details

  • What's Up Workshops

Enhance skill sets and experiences with workshops created to help you in and out of the classroom.

  • Semester Check-ins

 Access to a Middleman that will be in your corner helping you stay on track with all things academic, personal and professional.

  • A Community of Students of Color

Have a group of students you can relate to, connect with, and develop friendships with outside of school.

  • Socials 

Connect with others while having fun. Ball games, diversity days, mixers, mini road trips, and more. Build new experiences and memories.

  • Study Tables 

Get to know Faculty members who can help you with classes and workload. 

  • Professional Opportunities 

Receive invites to professional development opportunities to network, learn, and build YOUR brand.

Apply here. 

Success doesn't come to you, YOU GO FOR IT!