Admissions Staff

Our admissions staff is here to assist you as you explore our campus, apply for admission and enroll for your first semester. Contact us if we can help you at any time during the admission process.

The Admissions office is located in the main office of Founders Hall and is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Laurie Donley
Director of Enrollment Management & Student Services
330-339-3391 | ldonley [at]
Sally Fadorsen
Academic Advisor
330-339-3391 | sfadorse [at]
Vickie Yockey
Admissions Clerical Specialist
Last Names E - Z
330-339-3391 | vyockey [at]
Melissa Crites
Academic Advisor
330-339-3391 | macrites [at]

Erica Girard
Admissions Clerical Specialist
Last Names A - D
330-339-3391 | espargro [at]

Jennifer Greer
Academic Advisor
330-339-3391 | jgreer3 [at]